25 thoughts on “wish.com online shopping reviewhaul

  1. Francisco Barragan says:

    Thanks it was very helpful video I want to buy a jacket, so I’m gonna make
    sure the size of it because it looks great!! :)

  2. Gary English says:

    I would be very interested in the men’s reviews as I am about to buy some
    clothing from this company and as this being your first video you did a
    good job keep the reviews coming it made up myself mind to give them a try
    I was suspicions because the clothes are so cheap but another way to look
    at it is because you are buying direct from the seller you don’t have the
    big company tax put on top keep up the good video 

  3. Melecia At Home says:

    yeah I had great experience with Wish online store! I was awarded $10 gift
    card to shop on there and got 3 items. Good review I loved that bohemian

  4. Niamh Heffernan says:

    Thanks so much for making this video! I was looking at a dress in the
    website and was wondering if it was safe and ligit .. You made a great
    video thank you :) 

  5. Anthony Briggs says:

    bought two things and when i got it, i thought it wasnt in the bag.
    but it was.
    my dad WISH that he had a camera when i get stuff off of wish.
    plus good discounts.

  6. Colin Hough says:

    Just a heads up. The hat you bought is designed that way so you can open it
    up and pull down around your neck to keep it warm. Multipurpose. Hope that

  7. cletypieable says:

    I recently ordered about 300$ worth of clothes off wish and have been
    nervous that it was a scam.. thanks a million for doing this video! Really
    made me feel at ease.. you’ve great taste :-) 

  8. Noe Morales says:

    Very informative thank you for that. Quick question is there anywhere on
    the app that one may pay a little extra to get shipping a bit quicker? 

  9. Caroline Denaro says:

    Dear Marcia:
    Someone, should re-examine your atrocious, shipping policy, if you intend
    to compete in this market.

    I just spent $400. on their website, on merchandise that barely weighed 5
    lbs. total, and was charged $84 for shipping, which is about $16.00 flat
    rate ups… {ridiculous difference} Only, because my girls’ hearts were
    set on those items, I got them.
    Unfortunately for them, I do spend a lot of money on my girls, it just wont
    be with “WISH” anymore.

    THEY just lost a customer. Caroline

  10. Krystal Teal says:

    Claudia I was looking at wish.com and became hesitant when I saw a bunch of
    items that I like from a seller that I found a ton of bad reviews on. I
    liked your video and found it honest and exactly how I would view items for
    the price. Out of curiosity have you purchased from Sammidress?

  11. EasyNailTutorials says:

    I’m not sure about the websites im buying it form do you think vintagerose
    and fashion_store are good, have they worked for you? That is if you’ve
    bought from them or anyone else reading this comment please get back Id
    love to purchase things from there thanks! 

  12. Jules Winfield says:

    I fit easily into a large, sometimes a medium, so from the reviews I had
    read, everything fits really small so to add two sizes up, I ordered on the
    11 December and it arrived today 9th January, I ordered an XXL jumper
    (pullover) and it no where near fits, it sits 2/3rds the way up my back and
    the arms are 10cm too short! I also ordered an XL T-Shirt, well that has
    no size in the label and it is more suited for a child, what a waste of
    money! Quality is POOOOR too!
    I did order a couple of items for my iPhone and car, and they’ve come
    through okay, so I would say, if it is clothing, AVOID like the plague,
    everything else seems okay.

  13. edward faraci says:

    my grandaughter ordered a sweat suit and it is much too small although she
    ordered an extra large how can i return it where do these items come from
    it looks like it can from china

  14. fbellaann says:

    I just want to say this cause annoy me ppl complaining about the sizes, Im
    not from US and I was horrible surprised how big r the sizes here, but I
    understood… so you have to know and is logic korean and chinesse sizes r
    smaller than american 

  15. ♚ Shehed Bieber ♚ says:

    What did you use to pay?
    And I wanna try paypal etc, and how much would you reccemond on the first
    time. Could you explain the app a bit? :) 

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