23 thoughts on “Why I Hate Online Shopping – eBay (Part 1)

  1. strengthOVERsize says:

    Lmao bro, you freakin hit these points spot on! Especially about how it
    will give you everything you DON’T search for

  2. Apollo Fell says:

    I don’t know about shopping sites, but recently on of my email apps started
    buzzing me with news stories every ten minutes. It’s like having an ugly
    crack-whore begging to suck your dick. NO! Go away, I don’t want your
    fucking business!

  3. chucker173 says:

    I guess Amazon do i get ten points? yes? ok I’d like to redeem my ten
    points for an actual Amazonian warrior princess concubine please.

  4. Jayfive276 says:

    If you don’t want to see faulty stuff add “-faulty” to your search. Any
    search terms with a minus sign in front of it will take out those items
    with that word in them.
    Also for mobiles and laptops there’s a filter for condition, one of which
    is something like “For parts or not working’. Just click all the other ones
    in the filter on the left :)
    Is the video about Amazon going to include complaining about not being able
    to combine shipping for items from the same seller? If not, it should.

  5. Jack Sparham says:

    Doesn’t eBay automatically put your bid as really low if you bid high and
    then automatically increase your bid? I thought that’s something they added
    a couple years ago or something.

  6. Ignyte says:

    I hate how some sellers on Ebay sell their items at the lowest price of all
    the others, so they appear at the top of the list. But then charge
    ludicrous amounts for the shipping, which ends up costing the same if not
    more than other people’s items.

  7. yaseen reza says:

    +GradeAUnderA There’s a method my dad taught me for shopping in these
    situations, the same technique applies to Google searches. If you search
    “Samsung galaxy s2 -cracked -broken” the minus sign and words actually
    remove results that contain those words! You should try it

  8. Big_Adam_2050 says:

    You can use the minus function to remove unwanted results. So you can use
    ‘-broken’ to remove all the results with broken in the advert.

  9. ET'sBestFriend says:

    hey grade, I can not tell at all what part of England you’re from.

    I luv ur videos me and all my school mates watch them in class before
    registration xDDDDDD

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