13 thoughts on “Why 2015 Is the Year to Begin Grocery Shopping Online

  1. Martinb247 says:

    I’ve heard you guys mentioned Amazon prime on a few shows now,but never
    said there’s a membership price. Why not provide that information 

  2. Haley Hinman says:

    Great job, ladies! You do such great work getting the couponing word out.
    I’m a newb but am learning so much from you!

  3. Teri Larson says:

    My Wal-Mart will not match on line ads or will they hand key in coupons
    even though they are saying they don’t know why the computer isn’t taking
    it its the same item. They will call over a CSM and all they say is we
    don’t key in coupons. That’s what it’s like in south central Minnesota. 

  4. SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

    I don’t buy from amazon that often. I checked amazon, yogurt would cost $2
    each whereas I can get it for one dollar if I go in to get it.

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