25 thoughts on “UPDATED NATURAL MAKEUP COLLECTION!! (My Holy Grail products)

  1. Yana K says:

    Is there a liquid foundation you would recommend for oily/acne prone skin?
    I’m having a hard time finding the natural one that has good reviews. 

  2. iloverette says:

    Hey girl, I heard that the Dr. Hauschka mascara help grow lashes – or at
    least help preserve theml. Is that just for the regular mascara or does
    that apple for the volumizing one? What has been your experience with
    growth? You clearly have lovely long lashes – which is probably genetic but
    would you say that the mascara has helped?

  3. Noëlle Häuser says:

    I am so glad to have found your chanel. Since I have started washing my
    hair naturally, I am always looking for good tips on how to achieve even
    better results. I am also really interested in your eating habits so I will
    watch these videos as well! Thank you very much it’s really nice to see
    certain youtubers promoting a more natural lifestyle!

  4. Piluttatingeling says:

    I’m a student -> but the products aren’t THAT expensive. I wish I could
    order these products and the calia shampoos BUT, the shipping is WAAAY to
    expensive. So it’s really hard for me to get a hold of natural products !
    I’m so frustrated and sad …. What to do ! 

  5. Danielle Jordan says:

    How did you get rid of your acne and scarring? Mine is really bad but your
    skin is beautiful so I was wondering how you got it so clear.

  6. Little Mama UK says:

    I’ve watched a couple of your videos this morning and I’m just so pleased
    to see somebody else promoting healthy beauty. Like you, I’m only
    interested in beauty products that don’t harm my skin/body/hair etc. by any
    chance – are you also vegan? I noticed some healthy eating, dairy/gluten
    free videos but I haven’t checked them out yet.

  7. Mia Leyva says:

    Thanks so much for your suggestions on all these products. I’ve been a make
    up girl since I was 10 years old. I never knew just how horrible the
    ingredients where to my face before now and I’m 23 years old! I guess I
    never payed attention to my constant break outs, watery irritated eyes,
    itchy face, I was so clueless

  8. Jessica Morris says:

    anyone in the UK found alima pure to buy? or another comparable
    just need a UK version of this channel! its amazing, thank you for sharing
    with us :)

  9. TaylorJane.xx says:

    What blush are u wearing today? Holistic Habits ( sorry but I don’t know
    your name ) btw your videos are beyond amazing and I especially love your
    recipe and beauty videos!!! Keep the good work up ( or should I say
    AMAZING!! ) also what makeup brushes do u use?

  10. HijaDelMar6 says:

    I just ordered a few samples from Alima Pure.. The number of new things I’m
    discovering through your channel is just ridiculous.. ;)

  11. Marina Chin says:

    You are Very Beautiful from inside Out…..YOU HAVE HEALTHY GLOW…. Thank
    You For All You Do and You Make People Healthy…. So Proud of You!!!!

  12. Lucy M B says:

    Thanks so much for this video! Could you please do a video on your makeup
    routine and how you remove your makeup? :)

  13. Olja Duseckin says:

    I make my own natural setting spray with rose water, vegetable glycerin,
    vegetable alcohol and few drops of tea tree essential oil :-)

  14. CalmofSnow19 says:

    Have you ever tried makeup from Lush or 100%Pure? Just curious as these are
    also some well known natural brands (: 

  15. k8innh says:

    I also LOVE RAL make-up. Their lip sticks are amazing and I just ordered
    some of their eye shadows and the mascara (haven’t used it yet b/c I am
    still using another so I don’t want to open the tube yet). I would suggest
    using the RallyE Balm as a mixing medium to make your eyeliner… it is
    awesome!!!! I also recommend Pacifica Beauty if you haven’t already. New to
    your channel and just subscribed. Great job!

  16. lizzy grace says:

    does what you do with the rose water and that foundation work well on oily
    skin because ive tried bare minerals and it came off easy and i felt like
    just made my pores more visible 

  17. LHockey1414 says:

    Thanks for thr reccommendation! Im going to try out alims pure :) by the
    way, your necklace is gorgeous! Where did you find that? :) xoxo

  18. Jazz Girard says:

    This is my first time looking at your channel! I love everything you stand
    for, it’s very rare to see beauty gurus who follow this healthy, holistic
    lifestyle. Just wondering, have you tried 100% pure? Their products are
    amazing and I highly recommend them. 

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