24 thoughts on “TVF FAQs – Online Shopping

  1. Shiba Shankar says:

    You guys are being too commercial these days. From one’s point of view, you
    obviously need money to keep the show on but sometimes it just ruins the
    taste. This was good but some videos are nothing but a mere advertisement.
    Anyway, keep bringing us good videos.

  2. Abhimanyu Aryan says:

    kya yaar i were to buy macbook pro retina display 15 inch it worth
    Rs.1,99,000 Thats not cheap isn’t it? I mailed some of the online vendors
    for enquiry they said we are not premium resellers. How to trust them if
    they are not premium reseller….ab 2lakh ka laptop kharab ho gaya toh gaya
    na paisa paaani main so i usually don’t buy costly things over internet
    unless i am not in USA like countries where amazon actually functions
    faster than gmail.com …. abhi tak online bas books hi mangaata hoon

  3. Sujay Chakraborty says:

    To save yourself being conned with discounts on already inflated price, use
    buyhatke.com’s chrome addon.

    No, I don’t work for them.

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