23 thoughts on “Try On Haul – Online Shopping

  1. Jessica Whitten says:

    This reminded me more of a look book, I still liked it, but I think I
    prefer when you sit down and show and talk through the pieces

  2. Lilly Smith says:

    I loved this style of video, and I LOVED your makeup.
    And I just have to say how much I love your class and style, and appreciate
    that you don’t ever have your butt or boobs hanging out of anything. You
    always look alluring, yet professional to me. Definitely the best kind of
    style. :)

  3. Viviane Boissy says:

    Hi ! Great video but I prefer when you talk threw the haul :) Thanks for
    the promo code, I just ordered some things (again haha)

  4. xokell bell says:

    From Canada too, do u have to pay the person who drops the clothes off at
    your house?? Just ordered from a site and had to pay an extra 75$ so trying
    to find stores that I don’t have too. Thanks. 

  5. Tweetyaj12 says:

    I love try on hauls but indtead of the name of the store on the screen,
    I’d prefer a voiceover of the store name lol

  6. Gaby Hernandez says:

    I perfer try on hauls so I can actually see the clothes on! maybe next time
    talk over the video, that’d be great! love ya, you’re beautiful xx

  7. MissPeechyKeen says:

    Love your makeup look in this video Melissa!
    I think the style of the video is good that way you have done it, I
    personally prefer the no voice over/description type hauls when it comes to
    clothing. I find sometimes videos can drag a bit If there is a description
    of each piece. I think the way you have done it ( especially with the song
    you paired) is edgy, chic and more professional.
    Good work as always xox

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