24 thoughts on “Top 10 Natural Skincare Products | Kendra Atkins

  1. Shruti Joshi says:

    Love you hun! Thanks for all the recommendations! I live in London and
    thought I wouldn’t be able to track down Andalou naturals in the UK but
    just found the range in Whole Foods in Piccadilly circus last weekend!
    WhooOOOO!! Hadn’t seen your favourite Andelou video for a few months so I
    didn’t get anything. I recapped your recommendations and will head back
    this weekend for them!! SO happy.

  2. Hollie Powell says:

    I’m not usually one to comment but this video was so great! I always want
    to try natural skin products but rarely know where to start because there
    are so many to choose from. I have super oily skin so thank you for making
    some recommendations for that too. :)

  3. Jenn Haskins says:

    Thanks for the rosewater mask recommendation! I’ve been looking for
    something similar and hadn’t seen that one before!

  4. RollerChrissy says:

    Great video! I am going to try the Cibu cleanser. Right now I’ve been using
    the Human Nature cleanser – It’s gentle, but it doesn’t take off makeup
    very well.

  5. Susan Mcteer says:

    Started shopping at Vitacost after watching one of your video’s a long time
    ago. Now I’m addicted lol. Love your videos :) 

  6. kim courval says:

    Just ran out of my cleanser. I’ll be picking up the Sibu one now. Love your
    videos. I always look forward to the days you post them. :)

  7. Rachel Shirey says:

    Not a skincare product exactly, but have you tried Vitamin K2 for wrinkles?
    The best food source is fermented natto, but I couldn’t find that anywhere
    so I started taking a supplement derived from natto (on Vitacost). It irons
    out the little wrinkles forming by my eyes within about a week. If I get
    lazy about taking it, they come right back in about another week. It’s
    pretty crazy!

  8. Melissa Gandarinho says:

    Absolutely loved this video. So many new things to try. I really love the
    Alba Botanivs good and healthy moisturizer! Their spot one is really good
    too. Love LUSH toners, but since they’re a bit pricey, I tried the one from
    Clean Cauldron and ever since it ran out, my skin has an acting up. I can
    make it myself, but it seriously helped my skin. I also really like LUSH’s
    mask of magnaminty and their grease lightning serum!

  9. siknik4prez says:

    Do you know if all these or which of these products are cruelty free? I
    know Pacifica definitely is. And I LOVE their face wipes! I’ve tried every
    single kind of face wipes on the market and I never thought that a natural
    brand would end up being my favorite; they work so well and are the only
    ones that doesn’t make me break out! They even got off my super long wear

  10. Chantal Martin says:

    Hi Kendra.. quick question.. I’m Canadian and was wondering if Vitacost
    prices are in US dollars or Canadian ? Thanks!

  11. Renee Robinson says:

    How’d that cream work on your sunburn on your shoulder? I thought you just
    taught us to use ACV followed by coconut oil to treat sunburn and have it
    gone by the next day and turn into a tan? +Kendra Atkins

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