25 thoughts on “The Vegan Zombie at Natural Products Expo West 2014

  1. A Vintage Vanity says:

    I’m so glad you tried that fishless fish, I love the Gardien brand (their
    szechuan beefless strips are one of my favorites) but I feel the same way
    about fish…never like it. Now though…I’m gonna give it a try! :D Now
    this video is making me crazy hungry…have to forge for snacks now.

  2. Mentat1231 says:

    I’m SO glad that GoVeggie came out with a vegan version of their products.
    They were always the most like real cheese, but they used to have casein in
    them. Casein is a big part of why I avoid cheese in the first place (it’s
    one of the most potent cancer promoters in existence). Now, I’m looking
    forward to making pizzas, cheese sticks, sandwichese, etc with the vegan

  3. Stephanie Blake says:

    Daiya is taking out palm oil?? Good for them! and hillary’s eat well veggie
    burgers are my absolute favorite–I’m so salivating rn.

    I keep watching videos from the expo and being super sad :c everything
    looks amazing!!

  4. porcelaincougar says:

    How much FUN is this?! Vegan heaven!
    Probably the first time I’ve watched you NOT burn your mouth! hehe

  5. Beth DeRoos says:

    Liked the video even though we buy little if ANY premade vegan stuff.
    Being ‘green’ living, Zero Waste Home, no plastic we wince whenever we see
    ‘stuff’ that is packaged. 

  6. Mary's Test Kitchen says:

    Lots of exciting vegan products being introduced! That’s awesome and it’s
    showing the response to the growing demand for vegan stuff! Yay!

  7. Peter John says:

    Am I the only person that likes gluten? Its like everything is going gluten
    free, I didn’t think there were that many celiacs out there.

  8. Adam A says:

    A whole lot of stuff made to mimic or taste like meat. Happy for the
    alternatives, but wonder who it’s all for…

  9. TheChemicalMuffin says:

    After watching this, I know one thing for sure: Germany is so far behind in
    vegan and gluten free products. Also I’m hungry now! 

  10. Tabithashabitat says:

    Awesome, thank you for sharing. I just put neat meat in my shopping cart on
    Amazon because of you guys :)

  11. Eleonora Merini says:

    OMG ! We are lucky here in Itay we do not have a third of this choiches and
    gluten free plus here is alla pretty expencive. Seriously I’m envy… good
    one :)

  12. Robb Graves says:

    This was great to watch. I attend the North West veg event every year here
    in Portland. But this one looked amazing! I would have gained 5 pounds
    before eventually finding the exit!

  13. SacredChalice says:

    All of this stuff looks SOOOO GOOD! Wish I could’ve been there to try it
    all. It’s like vegan heaven there! Great vid, and now I’m researching
    some of these I’ve never heard of before.

  14. Kaitlyn Tiffany says:

    Try Vitamist! They sell tons of different types of vitamins in tubes that
    you can spray in your cheek, you will feel them a lot more then the pills
    you are taking because pills have a bunch of crap in them and you will have
    a harder time digesting them in your stomach verses spraying in your mouth,
    it goes almost instantly into your blood stream. Here is the website:
    http://www.vitamist.com/ and honestly they work and are much better for you
    and your body. Give them a go you won;t be disappointed :) 

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