The History or Organic Face Moisturizer

Are you trying every product available while trying to look for a organic Face moisturizer that will give your skin the kind of velvety soft look and feel that deeply moisturized skin should have?

It’s difficult to find a genuine organic Face Moisturizer among the many over-hyped products that typically line the shelves of department stores, and cosmetics centers.

One of the reasons that it is hard to find is it actually works the way that you want it to because of the definition of organic that the majority of the major cosmetics companies use. Just because an ingredient is natural does not necessarily make it a good candidate for use in a product that is meant to moisturize your skin.

Just about every natural moisturizer that you will find in stores contains either mineral oil, or petrolatum as the main moisturizing ingredient. These are natural ingredients as they are a byproduct of the crude oil process, but they are not molecularly designed in such a way as too allow them to readily be absorbed by the skin. This can in fact cause you more problems than what you may already have.

Why would the top selling cosmetics companies use a product of this sort in their skin care line? They use them because they are cheap, and plentiful. With an oil industry that processes as much oil as ours does there is never a shortage of petroleum based creams to go around, so they have all of it that they need all of the time.

The type of ingredients that you should look for in a skin care product are plant based moisturizing agents, which are very easy for the human skin to be able to absorb because these oils and waxes have similar properties to those of human skin’s own oil. This allows for the deep down penetration that you need in order for your skin to be healthy.

Which plant based hydrator is the best one for you to use?

Actually there are several of them that are excellent for your skin such as grape, and macadamia oils, because they both have strong antioxidant properties in them.

Avocado oil has antioxidants also, but its biggest gifts to you are essential fatty acids, and the ability that it has to promote new collagen growth.

Avocado oil as a natural face cream goes along well in products that contain Functional Keratin in them. This pair of select proteins escalates the production of new collagen and elastin significantly, so the pairing of this ingredient with avocado oil makes perfect sense for anyone that is seeking to have younger looking skin, and who isn’t?

Do they really work – Yes, it works because hydrating the skin with natural oils stand as an important part of any beauty regimen. It is definitely the best when it boils down to the point of skin care. It is all about hydrating your skin, rejuvenating it, replenishing it and quenching its thirst with natural Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and Omega 6 fatty acids!

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