25 thoughts on “The Best Hair Products for Transitioning to Natural Hair

  1. kyleestar1 says:

    I just saw her on instagram ur daughter I’d beautiful and wow she Was born
    on ur sons birthday thats awesome! Congrats she’s gorgeous! I can’t wait
    til Prince is born I have 5 more grueling months! 

  2. dionne says:

    I just bought Curl la la yesterday and it smells so good and it works well.
    I am a product maniac, seeing this makes me feel better about it.lol

  3. MsLeelee94 says:

    can you use the shea moisture milk when your not transitioning? im going
    on 2 yrs natural but always looking for leave in conditioners that are

  4. Christinia Peake says:

    Great product line up. Slot of these other people suggested to me. I really
    want to try the Shea Moisture line. 

  5. Sammie natural says:

    Ooo my stars you have been sooo helpful to me as a transitioner its been
    confusing but ur vids are awesome. ..tanks

  6. Joseph Norman says:

    I developed a sensitivity to various chemicals that are found in most
    shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc, so I tried “””””””” Arga.nlife
    shampoo””””””””” and conditioner and it’s great! It doesn’t irritate my
    skin at all. I love the smells it

  7. Sharmaine LaRue Miller says:

    Your videos are extremely informative over the transitioning process! Thank
    you so much! I am in the beginning phases of my transitioning journey and
    now I feel even more confident about the challenges ahead!

  8. Iamhuman Love says:

    Thank you for the video, I am beginning my transition journey (after
    getting a relaxer last week) and I don’t know what to do. This was very
    informative and straight to the point, I’m also excited that we live in the
    same area lol.

  9. L3daa 98 says:

    Hey there so I had a type 3A hair 2 years ago
    I didn’t like my natural hair back then
    So i started straighten it every week
    Now its Looks like 2B-3a
    Like its curls and waves

    Any suggestions?

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