18 thoughts on “Supplement Shopping Online – What Did I Order?

  1. Russel Nguyen says:

    been slacking real hard on comments on this channel lately. Shoulda showed
    us what happened after if ya nom sayin

  2. geko522 says:

    You 2 look like brother and sister. they do say if your with a person long
    enough you start looking and acting like one another. 

  3. Deanna Wolfe says:

    Haven’t tried any of this stuff-tried Victory bars but haven’t ever found
    that flavor! Not even sure what the Uplift is for… Love this video

  4. Ivan Tenorio says:

    Looks like with the new resurrect PM, the dosage is different from the
    original. Nain ingredient to help with sleep is gaba, new formula is 500mg
    vs the old 1000g. So maybe two scoops with new formula, not sure.

    Blue razz dream wasn’t that bad but heard other flavors sucked bad. 

  5. Rick Noble says:

    You guys nerd game is on point. I took some Ronnie Coleman pre workout
    once. Felt like I could wretle a bear. Glad to see Shredded Jesus in this.
    And for some odd reason when Kara cusses, it’s like she owns it.

  6. billysinnett says:

    I agree with you. I used to love eating quest bars but as soon as I found
    out about the Victory bars, I started eating them. My favorite is the
    peanut butter. 

  7. Ashley Tellinghuisen says:

    Seriously Kara every time I have a question about something I swear you
    make a video lol get out of my head!! haha I was actually doing some very
    serious online comparison shopping tonight for supplements but cant decide
    what I want to do for a fat burner stack, I’m liking Cellucor products
    right now but what do you suggest?? OH, I’m actually prepping for my first
    NPC show btw, 16 weeks out and using your videos like they are going out of
    style! lol

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