24 thoughts on “#SpecialDelivery: Celebrating the unsung heroes of online shopping

  1. ChaZ-E says:

    Most of the items got delivered within 2-3 days during GOSF! And I noticed
    the delivery was facilitated by GoJavas, really a commendable work by the
    delivery team.

  2. bat spy says:

    This is crap! the whole delivery and parcel industry in india in terrible!
    did you ever see the way the packages are handled in the shipment
    warehouse? I have! and it’s depressing to see the condition of how ALL of
    the mail’s, parcel’s and other goods are thrown around by the employes.
    They sleep on them at the airport waiting facility for shipment. They throw
    our ipad’s, laptops, mobile phone in the trucks like as if they are heavy
    rice bags. And later we don’t know why our electronics have such a sort
    life or need frequent repairs…It’s our fault right?

    Don’t be fooled by this emotion short mockumentary made by some struggling
    director in bombay, it’s all acting! it’s there job to go up the stairs if
    the lift isn’t working, they aren’t really happy to do all that. The point
    is to promote google.

    Coming to the “Thank you” part, i always say, thank you ever time, i get a
    courier or anything! it’s something that comes out automatically! Our
    parent’s taught us. Just because, we are Indian’s you Google people think
    that we don’t have the decency to say thank you.

    Giving them helmets is a great idea and i like it but, go make a video
    about something else and stop promoting these stupid fools.
    #specialdelivery #googleindia 

  3. Parth Garg says:

    The Guy from Delhivery who come at my home for delivery is awesome person..

    He do not have a helmet or raincoat in rains..

    He tells me, people abuse him when he do not allow people to open the
    package before payment in COD orders.. Sometime just because people are not
    satisfied with products.. Catches him later and abuse..

    Big city delivery persons are still equipped.. But, Companies should at
    least provide basic amenities to small city’s delivery guys..

  4. atishay jain says:

    Google Always makes emotions & touchy Ads..One more added.. This time it
    was #OnlineShopping .Love it.. However India needs lot of improvements in
    courier & packaging industry. Hope we grow all in together!

  5. Tejaswi B D says:

    Today I received a replacement delivery of Moto G from flipkart delivery
    guy. He called me up and asked me to come near the address which I had
    given. Since I was 2km away from that place, I told him to come further
    2kms. In reply he obliged sincerely and came to my place. I picked up the
    delivery happily.I asked him many doubts regarding replacement, he never
    hesitated to answer. I signed all the copies and asked him ” Is it all
    done?”. He said ” Yes Sir”.. I walked away few steps and suddenly I thought
    I forgot something. I turned back and smiled at him and said ” thank you”.
    He smiled back at me and he drove away.
    It is the least we can do. right guys?

  6. Mohammad Enamullah says:

    Delhivery is the worst courier that i stopped ordering products from
    snapdeal………..they didn’t call me nor came to my home and they sent me
    a message as “delivery was not possible as customer was not ready with the

  7. Google India says:

    Here’s to those who brave heat, rain, cold and so much more. Who climb
    endless flights of stairs shouldering heavy burdens on their back. And do
    it again, and again, and again. Just to deliver a little package of joy to
    Let’s make every delivery a #SpecialDelivery.

  8. Nikhil Vatrana says:

    The more I know about Google, the more intense is the feeling that how much
    great work you folks are doing…with I could be a part of the company.

  9. The HeartBrokenBiker says:

    Well done guys Well done. A personalized helmet is an awesome gift.
    I was expecting Flipkart would be doing something like this.

    Note to people: I always offer them like a cool drink or rasna or the least
    ask them if they are thirsty for some water.
    Sometimes I ask them how their work is, and if they are able to keep up
    deliveries or is the company overloading them. They share some good and bad
    experiences with you.
    The least way you could show some gratitude.
    Try it sometime, you see them go back smiling and they also take very good
    care of your package delivery timing next time on.

  10. Piyush Aswani says:

    This is why Google is the King of all companies. Google looks beyond the
    blinding hay and dust of business and add value to our lives.
    Doodles, Touching Advertisements, Shopping Festivals and all that when
    Google has a near perfect monopoly in what they do.
    I aspire to raise a company like Google one day!

  11. Nikhil Vetam says:

    What a thoughtful gift and great innovation. This filled my heart with
    emotions. I’m glad I never ill-treated this unnamed heroes. :) 

  12. Chegondi Dutta says:

    You are so fucking rich Google MC,BC, atleast can’t you give them good
    helmets like the branded ones like AGV, LS2, Sol, MT!! :P 

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