1. amanda cortes says:

    I love my clean and clear face wash it work so well for me but I’m
    thinking about going to get the lush products! 

  2. TheGlossgirl1 says:

    Try the cetaphil cream or oil free moisturizer! They both are very very
    gentle and the ones my dermatologist recommended 

  3. Niki Elliott says:

    first YouTuber I love that cares about their health with beauty products
    !!! Love that it’s all natrual products cause that’s all I use ( same my
    mom introduced me hahh) but ya I’m glad I found someone that’s not either
    super superficial and not hippy lmaoo but ya plss do more vids ft. Natrual
    products :)) love your channel

  4. Sidney Kathryne says:

    I forgot to mention that i also use coconut oil to clear my skin as well as
    moisturize! Then i also use hydrogen peroxide to clear bad acne spots as
    well!! Hope this helps if you have any questions make sure to comment and
    ill be sure to answer :) 

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