25 thoughts on “$ SAVE MONEY ONLINE SHOPPING! & My Favorite Cheap Sites

  1. Olivia Bachman says:

    Hey, if you want to know an amazing site that sells great clothes for under
    $10 then check out dresslink.com their stuff is amazing!

  2. Melanie Pickens says:

    omg I’m not sure if you just ruined my life or completely made it with
    those blog sales but it is certainly changed.

  3. Aaron Mitchell says:

    Combine Cashback Rebates to get more of your money back. Register on
    Ebates with this link :
    http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=5npTKbpT3OHFxd03rh343g%3D%3D . Then
    visit http://www.shoppingsherlock.com/44946 and be sure to use my distributor ID
    44946 to gain access. Once you are in download the cashback tool. Then you
    can use both Ebates and the Shopping Sherlock to receive up to 70% cashback
    on one purchase. Both sites are free and give you money. What more can you
    ask for!! 

  4. Anna Yeboah says:

    Really wish I had seen this BEFORE I went on my little online shopping
    spree. :-( Oh well, I know now for the future. Thanks!

  5. Brittany Calhoun says:

    I knew I shouldn’t of watched this video… now I’m running out of room to
    store my makeup now!! lol

  6. blas palma says:

    She said ” people have different reason why the don’t shop online… You
    can’t try anything on….. I’m here to tell you that’s false.” So your
    aloud to try thing when your shopping online?

  7. lacrymarosa says:

    I do order make-up from e-bay sometimes! You just have to be good at it I
    guess, also, only buy from top sellers! & sereach the original prices of
    products + reviews about the seller, … I have never had a bad experience
    with this :)

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