13 thoughts on “Replay: How to whiten teeth with natural products

  1. chelsea cline says:

    it all starts spritually and being in tune with your body and intuition!
    and PERCEPTION, is a big one. everything..and every problem! thankyou Matt!

  2. Jackson O'Neil says:

    Can people with schizophrenia be heal on raw food. I know this lady that I
    work with that suffers from it. She told me that when she was 15 yrs old
    she did a lot of drugs and this is the reason that it trigger her chemical

  3. aRawLifestyle says:

    Matt omg TY for the shout out! WOW.. I am SO EXCITED to be attending the
    retreat! Full healing mind, body, spirit! Ive been high raw for a few years
    but always let the spiritual /emotional aspect hold me back from 100%,
    however my body will not allow this any longer…in a way Im now forced to
    stay 100% raw and Im finding amazing healing from so much including
    hashimotos autoimmune dis-ease! Med free 2 years+ never looking back!
    Didn’t see this live but watching now. Appreciate all you do!! ((hugs))

  4. urthebest1122 says:

    Bang, Badaboom! I watched it live. this was great, very informative, fun.
    Anyone that hasn’t seen these live chats really should. Matt answers most
    if not all the live questions that he gets. 

  5. John Ferrari says:

    can you point me to the time where matt actually shares the topic of this
    video, “How to whiten teeth with natural products?” don’t have time now to
    watch this entire hangout. appreciate the help…thanks!

  6. Tj Tj says:

    It’s Terri I am so glad you have begun this weekly sharing time….. Love
    you, Angela and your princess… :)

  7. Tj Tj says:

    Hey Matt I wanted to share what you were unsure about. You need to know
    this. You know so much so i will let you know about this. leaky gut
    syndrome. Basically it is what all have due to the toxic world we live in.
    it is a yeast bad bacteria overgrowth. it causes the colon to have breaks
    in the colon. Little pieces of our poo goes into our bloodstream. The
    immune system sees this as an invader and the immune system attacks our oun
    body tissue. As a result we autoimmune illnesses….It could be skin
    issues, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis,, thyroid issues, lupus, cancer on and
    on….. Your teaching on elimination and colonics and all your advice would
    heal this condition… 95 % of serotonin is produced in the gut if you have
    leaky gut it makes it nearly impossible to avoid anxiety and
    depression….. This is why I need to get off the drugs and do this
    spiritual healing your talking about….. I hope this makes some sense look
    into this if you need to conform what i am sharing. it is always good to
    get new information from reliable sources…. I am no doctor. In today
    world we need to be our own doctors ….lol

  8. Guy Fawkes says:

    Did he get a facelift? His wrinkles on his forehead are gone… Anyways, it
    was nice seeing his life and health have remained the same from when I last
    saw him a year ago. Matt your family is a great example of how to live
    correctly, I hope to follow in your footsteps in a couple more years or so.

  9. Jan Armentrout says:

    Matt, you are a trip! love you and your family! You have come a long way
    since you worked in New York mtv video!

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