1. Ashley G. says:

    Loved all the dresses! The pattern on the forst pink dress is a character
    from a cartoon called Adventure Time. :)

  2. RosewoodInBlack says:

    The design on the pink dress is the character Princess from the awesome
    cartoon Adventure Time ^__^

  3. Aoife Heaney says:

    Side boob on point with that black dress haha loving all these purchases!
    All so cute! And I have that belt and it is honestly the most worn thing
    since I bought it, it goes with everything and completely transforms an
    outfit! Was excited to see you got it haha x

  4. Louise trill says:

    Loved everything especially the black and silver maxi dress, sooo elegant!
    If only i had the figure to wear it myself lol xxx

  5. xsydkate says:

    The print on the first pink dress you showed is Princess Bubblegum, a
    character from the cartoon Adventure Time.

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