25 thoughts on “Online Shopping Tips & Sites!

  1. beautybyKL says:

    i struggle with having no credit card as well, that’s why i hardly shop
    online – but that visa card sounds interesting i might just have to look
    further into that! great video katie xx

  2. invisiblekatie says:

    This video was so helpful, thanks Katie :) I’m addicted to online shopping
    especially when there’s free shipping and student discount codes :) I’ve
    been spending like all my free time on these sites lately haha :p I also
    love Missguided :) have a good week xx

  3. Stephanie Bailey says:

    Wow girl! Your subs have hit the roof! Well done! Loving your videos :)
    always so stylish and helpful! Keep it up xxx

  4. missunnii says:

    Oh no!! I just ordered stuff from she inside a week ago :( hope i dont have
    any problems with it! Fingers crossed :'(

  5. AJ Clementine says:

    This is perfect gorgeous, you seriously got me into online shopping, so
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Life changing!! :’) Loved this, great tips, got some
    more shopping to do ;) hehe xxxx

  6. Abigail Valdez says:

    Loveeedddd this video! So so very helpful and original! Ah yes do a video
    on ebay! I always get some good steals off there! <3

  7. Chllllooee says:

    i got a shirt from sheinside, and it only took like a week and a half to
    get here but on the site it looked really big but it was so small!!!! i was
    so angry omg

  8. JayD Ki says:

    Thank god I found this video. I was going to buy a tartan dress off an
    Aussie Boutique for $60 and found the exact same dress for $40 on another
    :’) That’s the good thing about Aussie boutiques having the same stuff haha
    thanks for this video, found heaps of new sites I’ll definitely be buying

  9. Anna Johnson says:

    I have worked for a bank for bout 2 years and have seen many customers
    experience fraud when using PayPal, the best way I have found to safely
    shop online is to open a new checking account with a low balance, even just
    leave a few cents in the account. When you are ready to purchase something
    online use that account to pay and just transfer the exact amount of the
    transaction from your regular account to your online shopping account right
    before you submit the payment. Hope this helps! :) 

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