25 thoughts on “Online Shopping || Tips & Fav Sites!!!!

  1. Payal Babaria says:

    Thanks a lot dear..its really helpful..but i wonder how do u pay in
    different currency..like i want to buy online n they have in dollers.. so
    if i pay by credit card how it will work..can u plz tell me..sorry if i
    looks like dumb person by asking this type of question but i really wanna

  2. nisarga farooqui says:

    Amazing video sherry! Have been wanting to order from asos since a long
    time. Thankyou for all the information on shipping and duty:-)

  3. tenzin choezin says:

    Hey sherry… I once ordered aliexpress but then I never get the stuffs..
    It was about 4 years back. So, I just stopped ordering Ali express. But
    then, when u mentioned aliexpress, I just wanna know if u are getting the
    stuffs on time? How many times have u ordered Ali express? Let me know :)

  4. Somya Khandelwal says:

    Amazing video. Love how u spill ur secrets. Personally i have had worst
    experiences with koovs not once, not twice bt 4 5 times. I have like
    boycotted that website and actually still facing an issue for my last
    order. Annoying. Also recently ordered stuff from ebay.com and had bad
    quality products. Never tried aliexpress.com. just gping to open and check
    stuff. I love amazon and flipkart, jabong myntra as they have good stuff to
    gift and really easy return policy. Today for the first time shopped from
    indianroots. Lets see how it turns out to be. Also wanted to ask where do u
    order your makeup from? I trust nykaa. So far so good.

  5. Priya Sinha says:

    Thank you so so so much for posting this video. Now this is called a useful
    post, I swear. Cannot than you enough for this.

  6. Pavini Parashar says:

    I absolutely LOVE asos,pacsun, UOs& also areopostale. I didnt get the thing
    w the P.O box in the US &stuff? Couod someone tell me? Im not sure if
    international sites offer COD aha

  7. Priyanka Pande says:

    Hey +Scherezade Shroff great video on international online shopping, really
    needed that. I do shop online a lot but was little afraid to order
    internationally but will try that too. thanx to you. :) ;* you can also
    checkout shopnineteen.com faballey.com. the collection is good.

  8. Zina Hurani says:

    I had a problem with sizes for along time because I just new that my size
    is s but I didn’t know size in the other countries so that video really
    helped :)

  9. Tenzin Yangchen says:

    Super informative.. I totally agree with the whole sizing thing.. asian
    sizing is the worse.. so small.. so so small lol .. Anyway, just subbed <3
    I love your videos! You're adorable and gorgeous! 

  10. RGV Love says:

    Noooooooo I just made a video on Online Shopping yesterday, and how because
    of it *I have no money for food* and Now I possess more knowledge of how to
    Online shop! I guess I can eat some other month….or year…or life :/

    Brilliant video though :* 

  11. Simran Murar™ says:

    omg this video was fab!! i like the way u make so amazing and usefull
    videos! oh btw ive had bad expirience with the size thing too…. i always
    shop in http://www.aeropostale.com i think its great and i love bethany’s
    collection from there….but i did buy two shoes and they are extra latge
    for me now XD, but anyways, do u know any places here in india where we can
    get amazon cards? i think they are a great help for shopping in Amazon,oh
    and one more thing, do u have ur own clothing line? :P

  12. Pooja sharma says:

    seriously…..u r one of d coolest youtuber…..n i luv how ur channnel is
    growing up really fast n i cant wait fr the tym u’ll hit a million (the
    ongoing trend …!)…..n gudluck fr ur new channel…..!

  13. Swati T says:

    Very useful video. I am dying to order a watch from Daniel Wellington but
    scared of duty etc … This is helpful. This aside… What’s the lipstick
    you are wearing here?? It’s gorgeous !!

  14. mayuri soni says:

    Thanks for video but I have one question if I oder something around 3000 to
    5000 what I have to pay big amount of duty charge

  15. Anuradha Johari says:

    Thank you so much, Sherry. This is one of the most useful videos that you
    have made. It will help a lot of people overcome their doubts about online
    shopping. Thanks a lot about the tips on the US post Box…..it was THE
    MOST important tip. Thank you a zillion times.

    P.S; Can’t wait for COUPLING! 

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