24 thoughts on “Online Shopping May Be About to Get More Expensive

  1. Waymond Womano says:

    The government is like a greedy teenage daughter that needs money to go to
    the mall. But instead of a teenager it’s the worlds most powerful military.
    And instead of buying clothes they buy weapons of mass destruction. 

  2. KanyeIsMyMom says:

    Alex Hudgens isnt just a pretty face, she is a great soul. Keep progress us
    as intellectual creatures with you informative news, much appreciated, mass
    love. SWISH

  3. David Gonzalez says:

    lol @ dudes getting flustered over the slight hint of cleavage curvature –
    it ain’t even a “huge” deal

  4. Elijah Logan says:

    why government. Now i am going to have to have a foreign friend, buy my
    stuff through an IP scrambler, send it to a friend, and get all of my goods
    though said friend while trying not to get arrested for having an IP
    scrambler. New amazon buying.

  5. Kill 'em network says:

    Anybody else watched the NBA Finals Tonite? Lebron salty af, shaking
    curry’s hand, but no eye contact. Smh, that’s another L for him.

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