25 thoughts on “Online Shopping Haul!

  1. Ellie Meade says:

    I know that fleur uses bloglovin but I am seriously confused on how to make
    a blog on bloglovin. Do you make a blog yourself and then add it or can you
    make a blog on bloglovin I am seriously confused and really wanna make a
    blog. Would anyone comment any videos or help me out pleaseee xxxxx

  2. pinkstarleopard says:

    Before anyone comments “LETS BE Youtube BESSITES” Please remember this!
    Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to
    On that note lets all be best friends! you shouldn’t have to ask! <3 Xx
    -Chrystal Penelope
    PS. You are all beautiful and I believe in every single one of you and love
    you too the moon and back already! Stay gorgeous! 

  3. Lina Bae says:

    so i’ve been reading a lot of positive comments lately and I just wanted to
    So, you reading this right now. You’re worth everything in the world, don’t
    let anyone tell you otherwise because for every bad thing or negative
    thought you have about yourself, theres a dozen positive. so pleaaaase
    don’t look down on yourself in any way because you’re blessed to be here
    and have the people you have in your life <3
    xx lina :)

  4. MissFDMakeup says:

    I don’t understand why so many people get funny about Fleur’s ‘Sponsored’
    video’s. She’s honest about them – which a lot of people aren’t. And
    because this was a haul video – no one would have probably noticed if you
    didn’t check the down bar or Fleur hadn’t mentioned. It’s how a lot of
    YouTuber’s earn their money, and I don’t personally think it should be a
    big deal. (Don’t get me wrong… some sponsored video’s from other people
    really annoy me because it feels really fake and obvious, but I don’t feel
    like Fleur’s come across like that – so can’t see why people would moan) x

  5. Elle Is For Living says:

    That grinding blush is really interesting. I will be curious to hear what
    you think of it. You got some really nice things. I love your style ♥ Elle

  6. foreverteen25 says:

    Just did a haul on my channel so if you have a few minutes, I would be
    grateful for you to check it out and give me some feedback. If not thanks

  7. Rohma Malik says:

    I love the interior of & Other Stories. It’s like the backstage of a
    fashion show. Plus the pieces are very minimal and Scandinavian :D 

  8. spaceysno1girl . says:

    I found it so hard to concentrate in this video i couldnt stop looking at
    how glossy and pink your lips are, i checked the information bar but its
    not in there, what do you have on? xx

  9. swag money says:

    I honestly don’t see the point of doing a haul if you haven’t tried the
    products and you can’t tell us your opinion on them; i would honestly
    prefer a late video than one that just presents products without actually
    explaining how well they perform.

  10. sunnyday sunshine13 says:

    How come I know gurus like Fleur and Essie button do sponsored videos but
    it doesn’t bother me like it does with Blair and Ingrid?? Anyone else feel
    that way???? I don’t even mind Elle doing them.

  11. Fleur DeForce says:

    I uploaded a brand new haul video last night! Lots of internet shopping
    makeup and clothing goodies!! :D Online Shopping Haul!

  12. Leila M. says:

    Fleur why don’t you put eyeliner on your waterline? It looks really wrong
    with mascara and eyeliner on your lash line but not on your waterline

  13. Elsa Swetenham says:

    Aha I was so confused cause watched your shoe collection first, so I was
    wondering why your hair was blonde and not pink? I had to read through the
    comments to understand but I saw that you dyed it right after this video
    was made. Love your new pink hair though :D x

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