25 thoughts on “ONLINE SHOPPING HAUL!!! (JustFab shoes)

  1. Rai Shauna Martin says:

    I’ve been wanting shoes from JustFab for 3 years now, and have yet to make
    one purchase. My mom is scared I’m going to forget to cancel during a month
    when she doesn’t have the money, but I won’t. Guess I’ll have to wait until
    I’m 18, which is only one year away.

    You’re so adorable and klutzy xD 

  2. MelissaLove56 says:

    I’ve always wanted to buy something from just fab but my aunt told me they
    start to charge you each month you don’t buy something, is that true? 

  3. Lioness006 says:

    I love justfab! I’ve been shopping with them for 2-3 years i think. I have
    purses and shoes. Great deal for boots! I’m wearing a pair of grey fuzzy
    boots from them right now. :)

  4. xxmusicxxaddictedxx says:

    Just fab is a con and when you want to cancel the subscription that you
    didn’t know you were signing up for they make it really hard stay away! 

  5. RichAndFabulousLife says:

    *OR… you hate going to the Mall because you have Social Anxiety (like
    you’ve stated before). Can you please do a video on how your manage your
    anxiety? I’m having such a tough time with mine! Thanks :)*

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