25 thoughts on “Online Shopping HAUL and Discounts ♡ Rosewholesale

  1. Noodlerella says:

    Hello Lovelies! Another HAUL video for you, i’d love to hear what your fav
    items are, this will probably be my last haul video for a while c:

  2. KatChats says:

    Haha aww I always smile so much when I watch your videos. They put me in
    the best mood! You’re sooo cute!!! <33

  3. riicecracker says:

    Buttons in the middle of sleeves are usually meant for securing the sleeves
    when you roll em up, there should be a hidden strappy thing in the inside
    of the sleeves too then. If not, then that is one hell of a random button
    indeed… ^^’

  4. Charlie Maple says:

    Hullo, I don’t mean to seem rude or anything, but perhaps could you show
    your viewers more trustworthy sites?
    Rosewholesale is too good to be true I’m afraid. The shipping prices are
    ridiculous and I would not recommend anyone to purchase from this site.
    Customer services is very poor and the shipping times that they say are

    Nooderella, I really love your videos and you seem so sweet, but personally
    I would suggest that you don’t continue to shop from this company


  5. Jenis Ng says:

    Where are your plush Alpaca’s from? I went on Tofucute.com but they ony do
    6inch ones, from what I see their bigger than that. I also LOVE your
    videos!! ;3 x

  6. LadyMeilin says:

    You are sooooo lucky. Asian clothes are like my favorite but I guess in
    Asian I am considered plus size because there is nothing in my size ever.
    I’m like an xxxl in Japan and china..which they never have. And I’m
    normally a large. I have tried ordering things and they do not fit me.
    I’m so jealous of people who can wear the cute clothes ;( 

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