24 thoughts on “Online Shopping Haul ♡

  1. Bethany Lauren Howe says:

    Oh no… you have now made me order some Yes-To products on Feel Unique ;)
    x Hahaha x Great video as always! x 

  2. 권민지 says:

    I really happy to see your new video again!!=)I love Kate Moss lipstick so
    much!!!<3 and have a nice day!Mei-Ying!:)♥

  3. Liudmila Brosnan says:

    Always love your videos I always go over the top in online shopping
    especially when the boxing day sales are on

  4. Sophie N says:

    I don’t know why i watched like 3 quarters of your video at different
    speeds! haha! You should try it, its funny! xD x

  5. msjellie52 says:

    I have a serious online shopping addiction as well T_T I just love
    receiving the parcels because it feels like somebody sent me something when
    it was really just me spending all my money ..

  6. Kimberley Tan says:

    Another funny and light-hearted video as always! That editing tho (: Your
    purchases look amazing, could you please do a review on them after trying
    them out? Have a good week ahead xx

  7. Sophie Hastings says:

    I love your videos so much. I’m obsessed with British culture and every
    time I watch one of your videos, I have to mentally change from a British
    accent to my regular accent XD! You’re so light hearted and bubbly!!!


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