25 thoughts on “ONLINE SHOPPING + CAR KARAOKE!!! Vlogmas Day 18!

  1. Sarah Janette says:

    I’m confused, do you ever take chloe for walks because dogs, especially
    puppies, need at least one walk everyday and you never vlog it. 

  2. Elizabeth Sun says:

    i was totally expecting you to break out into song when you said “look at
    that face!” to Chloe. (Blank Space~Taylor Swift) ya know

  3. Isabel van Berkum says:

    I LOVE UR VLOGS AHHHHHHH <3 by the way what is mia's youtube channel? bc i
    saw her editing in your vlogs haha!! 

  4. Natalie Richards says:

    Your vlogs are amazing! I’m so happy to be a macbaby! lol. Sorry if I
    spelled that wrong. Also Iove all of your outfits. They are so cute!

  5. michelle_lights says:

    omg everything about you is so perf!!! I’m so happy that you’ll be clogging

  6. Maya Herman says:

    PLEASE PLEASE check out my friend’s channel and help our dream come true
    her channel is HalleRae, she doesn’t have a lot of subscribers or videos
    but she has an amazing voice she just doesn’t have proper publicity.

  7. Dionisia XK says:

    The weirdest thing is that I am from Greece and I dont like greek yogurt
    very much and also that yogurt you eat its not Greek try to find the
    Olympos or thd Total :)

  8. emily arnicar says:

    I started watching a few days ago, and I’ve been on a video watching spree!
    I absolutely love you and your sisters channel! <3

  9. Marialisa Brownfield says:

    It’s so weird not seeing a new vlog everyday!!!
    Haha I just keep watching the old vlogs over and over hahaha.
    I really need to watch the PLLs episode!!

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