1. Ruta Gr says:

    You have loads of nice products. But how do you manage to use them all
    before their expiration date because natural products tend to have a short
    one? I would never be able to use that much. I usually have one cream I
    love. :D

  2. Jenny JY says:

    Please do a skincare routine! I’m vegan and although I’ve been eating very
    clean and healthy foods, along with using natural products, I am still
    really struggling with my acne ): I have dry, sensitive skin, prone to acne
    and redness. Any advice or product recommendations would be so much help!
    Thank you!! I love your videos (:

  3. Luckyhoneybunny says:

    Do you have any organic oil recommendations for people with Tree Nut
    allergies? I’m specifically allergic to coconut but tend to stay away from
    nuts in general to avoid increasing my allergy 

  4. Suicide Reina says:

    Yes!!! I’m obsessed with Skincare! My Mom had severe acne all the way up
    until her 40’s and my Dad had severe eczema his whole life, so I deal with
    both -_- Most ppl think I’m vain for how much detail I spend on my skin,
    but I HAVE to bc I’ll look a hot mess if I’m not on top of it. My skin is
    now healing from a major breakout due to detox from adopting a high carb
    low fat Vegan diet, so my focus is facial skincare (scarring especially). I
    was using natural products, but it wasn’t strong enough to contain my
    breakouts, so I had to resort to non natural products (ProActiv, Acne.Org)
    to get it under control. Now that it’s back in a good place, I’m switching
    out my chemical products for natural ones. I also have the Alaffia Black
    Soap, but with Tea Tree and Neem! Can’t wait to see your Skincare Videos,
    just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited! ^_^ Don’t neglect the
    Vegan Recipe videos either! That Raw Vegan Brownie Recipe is my STAPLE! Lol

  5. Tagr R. says:

    I wanted to ask – do you use nail polish? If so, what products/brand do you
    use? Is there a holistic alternative for good quality nail polish?

  6. theinquirer13 says:

    +holistichabits SO happy you will be posting more skincare videos. This
    was a great one! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your optimism and
    pointers. :D I wish you knew how much you have helped just this one person.
    I share all of your stuff with my friends, family, and even people at work!
    haha. You are my favorite YouTuber! :)

  7. ruby castillo says:

    Yay!! totally loved this video! and i am 22 years old and i still deal with
    acne :( so i’d love to see more videos!! and skin care routines on your
    channel :) thanks so much

  8. ciao cat says:

    Hey :) Where do you live in Canada? You could maybe do a meet up in
    Montreal?? I would love to meet you and talk all about this :) I have loads
    of acne scars that I am trying to heal and I am trying to find products in
    stores and not online ..:/

  9. Frivolous Girl says:

    Dew Dab was also on my 2014 beauty favorites list :D And guess who made it
    in the category “Oil of the Year”? Yep, Tamanu oil :) As much as love
    Tamanu oil, I’ll be trying out some other ones this year like Black Cumin
    Seed oil, that’s supposed to be really good and nourishing for acne scars.
    But who knows, I’ll be probably coming back to Tamanu..

    When you say you’ve had acne issues, it really gives me hope that my skin
    will not end up looking all too damaged when it has healed completely.
    Because just looking at you, I would’ve never figured! It was also my acne
    that brought me to the holistic lifestyle. Looking back, I don’t think I’d
    be as natural and simple if it wasn’t for my acne, so it has been both for
    good and for worse, but mostly good. :) 

  10. Amy Matthews says:

    I’m digging the sweater!!!! Espically with the bracelet. Rock it girl!

    And thank you for your natural products! You’re so uplifting and such a
    great reminder for me to be as natural as I can be. I slip off the wagon
    sometimes, but always come back. 

  11. Annika Hansen says:

    Do you have pitted scars that you’ve been able to heal? I placed an order
    with Living Libations last week, Dew Dab and Grapefruit Cellular Renewal
    included. I’m hoping that will help. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try
    Cell Serum or Soothsayer Serum.

  12. Andrea Marie says:

    +holistichabits it’s all your fault that I am now addicted to hydrosols and
    rose water LOL and it’s such a good thing. They have just lifted me up so
    much daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me/us to

  13. Deborah Gann says:

    I love your videos. Your such an inspiration and I love your amazing
    reviews. I have some scarring and enlarged pores from when I had bad acne.
    I use the oil regimen and It has helped so much. What would you suggest for
    the scarring and pores?

  14. imissmyoldchannel says:

    oil cleansing method for cleansing the face? what is that? can you do a
    skincare routine? pretty please :D

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