25 thoughts on “Natural Products Expo West 2014(Part 2) : Veggietorials Vlog

  1. marycatfish says:

    Aloha Cobi !
    Looks like a good time was had by all. What fun !
    I am already a subscriber & I liked Natural Vitality on Facebook.
    I would love to see more main meal items that are bean free as well.
    Thank you for posting the product links & for this great giveaway !

  2. Almost A Vegan says:

    Nice video work! Loved the pictorial slide show at the end with perfect
    music accompaniment and integrated links. Mahalo for bringing back a
    healthy slice of Expo 2014 for us to enjoy :) !

  3. CynthiaCMorales says:

    Aloha! :)

    It looks like you had a great time at the Expo! I wish someday I can go too!

    I’m already a subscriber and I really enjoy watching your videos. I hadn’t
    heard about Natural Vitality until now so I already liked their Facebook
    page to know more about them.

    I would like to know your thoughts on the use of all different types of
    oils in our vegan diet, and the variety of natural sweeteners (such as
    stevia, coconut/dates/beets sugar, agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.). Which
    one do you prefer and what do you think about each one of them.

    Thank you for the oportunity! :) Hugs your way! <3

  4. Stephanie Blake says:

    I picked up my first bottle of bee-free honey today and had some with my
    organic mint tea, it was delicious! And this is coming from a vegan who
    used to not like the taste of honey!
    I’m very excited to try out their other products/flavors when I can get a
    hold of them~

  5. myojio says:

    What a nice video of great memories and the many fun characters of Expo
    West. If you are going to Expo East we will see you there!

  6. Jovanka Ciares says:

    Doing some research on Expo West and found this awesome video. This is
    getting me really excited about going this year! Thanks!

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