8 thoughts on “Natural Products Expo West 2014 | The Healthy Grocery Girl® Show

  1. HealthNutNutrition says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Very jealous that you got to try all those amazing
    treats:) Awesome that you got to meet the Justin behind “Justin’s nut
    butters”. I haven’t seen Justin’s brand in Toronto yet.. I really want to
    try his chocolate peanut butter cups! YUMM 

  2. Mary Kate says:

    Looks like so much fun! I want to go to Natural Products Expo West one
    year! It seems like an amazing experience!

  3. R greenbluelove says:

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun! Wish I could go there. But I live
    in Japan. Japanese are not health conscious as much as American. So I want
    to live in America.

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