25 thoughts on “Natural, Healthy Cleaning Products

  1. Rachel Gough says:

    you can make a laundry detergent from a bar of shredded Fels-naptha soap +
    1c. Borax + 1c washing soda. use about 2-3T per load

  2. Diane Stevens says:

    I use white vinegar to wash all my vegetables and fruits; about an 8:1
    ratio. It’s a lot cheaper than buying those fancy cleaners they’re now
    selling for our fresh produce. I’ve used vodka for years. Since it’s made
    from potatoes and/or rice, it’s natural. Vodka shines the chrome
    beautifully, and cleans your jewelry without damaging it. Vinegar and vodka
    in a spray bottle kills odors. I use no commercially prepared cleaners, and
    haven’t for 55 years.

  3. familioncito says:

    Thanks for this video. I will be sharing it with my friends. Do you happen
    to have the recipies for making the different cleaning products? It would
    be helpful to know how much vinegar, baking soda, vodka, etc to mix with
    water for the different cleaning tasks. I will be using your tips in my
    home because I hate to have toxic chemicals around the children.

  4. daniellesmith6 says:

    Thank you for your very helpful hints. I was wondering if that was a
    microwave behind your head? It’s another thing to think about getting rid
    of for a healthier home environment.

  5. seenontv101 says:

    Great video Jeannie! Thanks for the helpful tips. The thing I was always
    worried about with all natural cleaning is mixing the wrong ingredients
    together and causing an explosion or something. I read that you should
    never mix ammonia and bleach together since it causes deadly fumes.

  6. doris allen says:

    I want to tell u I love this. I cleaned for 8 hrs in store and all they use
    is lysol tub and tile. Since March I have been sick and Drs don’t know
    whats wrong. Pains In my bone and stomach. I plan on watching all of your
    videos ty. vm

  7. Raven Blaze says:

    I use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything. .25 detergent to .75
    baking soda cleans dishes in the dish washer, baking soda to clean the
    tub/shower, vinegar in the sink and toilet, vinegar on the counter tops and
    floors. I even have switched to using baking soda to wash my hair (given I
    have really short hair).

  8. reggie02062 says:

    And green products dont clean well its basically water with plant extracts
    i have tried them you need heavy duty when your cleaning someones home they
    expect it to be super clean.

  9. EarthCare Odor Remover says:

    Good to know we can clean with some natural items to reduce the use of
    possibly harmful chemicals. WHATS IN IT ANYWAY! ….im to lazy to find out,
    no thanks … but thank you!

  10. Tim Sleppy says:

    *Less Toxic Cleaners*

    Harmful chemicals are everywhere. We can have a clean home and be less
    toxic too. We use many of these around the house but my new favorite is the

    Note to self: Buy vodka to clean the house.

  11. lovelylove rachad says:

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  12. Dr. Jill Carnahan says:

    Looking for great non-toxic ways to clean your home? Check this out… Natural,
    Healthy Cleaning Products

  13. Kristy LaVine says:

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