25 thoughts on “Natural Hair | Staple Products 2014

  1. Keke1980s says:

    THANK YOU! Just washed my hair and used the macadamia organix shampoo, and
    felt the striping, looked at the ingredients seeing the sulfate second to
    the end!!! Arrrrgh….I use the Cream of Nature Argan Moisture shampoo, and
    thats great!…I’ll try the Eden too x

  2. Sidney Brooks says:

    My staple products so far are; shampoo- OGX coconut milk, conditioner-
    Aussie moist, deep conditioner- garner fructis damage eraser reconstructive
    butter (it’s soo good), styler- shea butter, mango butter, I used to use
    the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie but it stopped working for me.
    And my good old oils jbco and olive. I have use the creme brûlée control
    paste as well as Eco styler but I hate everything Pantene so I haven’t
    tried that particular one. 

  3. S Dunn says:

    Trader Joes coconut oil, any Shea Moisture shampoo, any Shea Moisture
    masque, aloe vera juice mixed with water, kimmaytube leave in with kinky
    curly knot today, castor oil and curls control paste. 

  4. MissCinnamonCake says:

    You look way cute! I haven’t tried most of those products but I think I
    will. I do use the Pantene and love it. Hair is looking RIGHT lol 

  5. Trini Dede says:

    Girl! I so agree with you on the creme of nature products. As stated before
    my fav is the argan oil from morocco line. The only thing I don’t like in
    the line is the twirling custard curl styling gel. It flakes a lot and that
    kinda threw me off. You looked good with that up bun and you hair looks
    really healthy

  6. luckee316 says:

    Hi Nellzy! Happy New Year! You look extra fab here. I’m really loving this
    hair/makeup look you’re rocking here.
    My staples are dwindling down too and I find myself needing to destash.
    Shea moisture black soap shampoo for my problem scalp. SM jbco deep
    conditioning masque or TGIN deep conditioning masque. Soultanicals Knot
    sauce or Camille Rose fresh curl for leave ins. TJ coconut oil mixed with a
    few drops of tea tree oil for my scalp. In cold months I add in some argan
    oil. For moisturizers I love SM jbco styling lotion. It’s the bomb! It
    holds my twists, my hair feels moisturized for days and the shine! I like
    the Design essentials edge control, but obviously I must try the curls one!

  7. ebonylovees says:

    I just brought that creme of nature shampoo the argan oil one on new years
    , i love it too. I was the same way no way this is a shampoo lol i have yet
    to try the control paste by curls i need to. 

  8. BeauDful D says:

    I have some of the same products and i feel you on the cantu Shea butter
    new leave-in. I still have the old one so I’m using that but I absolutely
    love the cream of nature argan oil leave-in and I’ve been going strong with
    that the last 5 months. I use the olive oil ecostyler gel and I’m not a big
    fan of laid edges but will try out the curl pastes this year. I love your
    growth aid and that’s a staple moisturizer for me. I’m simple with
    everything. And i use the other cantu products for moisturizers and stylers
    with coconut oil and castor oil

  9. Changing Morgan says:

    creme of nature shampoo, deep treatment, leave in conditioner, and lotion.
    I started to not like it first when I tried it and it was entwine coutures
    line. Yes everyones love, but I have tried the creme de la mold with the
    cream of nature lotion and my hair was super duper soft so I will be trying
    them out.

  10. simply stylishki says:

    Love your look in this video!! Especially the earrings!! My staple products
    are anything Shea moisture and Eco styler gel, the green one! Thanks for
    sharing your staples! .

  11. Ebony Red says:

    My staples are: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo and Intensive
    Conditioning Treatment, Aussie Moist Conditioner, Eco Olive Oil Styler Gel
    and Organix Argan oil. Your hair looks great, Nellz!

  12. Paulena White says:

    Since I’m a newly natural I’m trying to find products at this point I am a
    product junkie but I think I narrowed some things down may make a video
    soon. Great video pretty lady

  13. Ladee Neenah says:

    Everything Shea Moisture for shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner.
    JBCO, Coconut Oil and Argan Oil. I like the Curling Gel Souffle, everyone
    says its too greasy ,but my hair loves it. I dont like the ecostyler, it
    dries my hair out.

  14. Reservechic says:

    Awesome video! Thanks a bunch for sharing your staple products for 2014.
    The Crème of Natural Argan Oil Shampoo has been a favorite of mines ever
    since it came out. I probably will always keep a bottle of it in my stash.
    The Pantene Co Wash is really awesome and is actually the only product from
    Pantene that my hair actually responds very well to. Other favorites of
    mines happen to Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk line of products, Camille Rose
    Naturals products, JBCO ( I own several from different brands, but they
    actually all work the same), Oyin Handmade’s Hair Dew, Shea Moisture’s
    Coconut & Hibiscus line (pretty much everything except the Curling Gel
    Souffle), Coconut Oil (I am not partial to any particular line, so I
    just buy whatever I see on the shelf, whether it’s refined or not) Long Aid
    Activator Gel (Original Version) CURLS Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste,
    and Design Essentials Edge Tamer w/Firm Hold. I do have other products that
    I really like, but the list would be way too long to mention. Right now, I
    am working on trying to use up all of this stuff, as I am simply
    overflowing with hair care products at this time. Which is why, I actually
    put myself on a no-buy to start off the year, which I do plan my hardest to
    stick with. Overall, I have just been working on spending my money more
    wisely, and only buying things that I really need versus choosing to buy
    things that I simply want, but can actually go without instead. 

  15. Nia Richardson says:

    The cantu shea butter leave in repair cream original formula is still their
    they just also have an argan oil one that’s all

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