17 thoughts on “Natural Hair Products That Promote Faster Hair Growth

  1. maicangirl says:

    If your trying to grow you hair out, or suffer from thinning, balding, or
    alopecia, be sure to give this a try. I love my results!

  2. GoldenChild1908 says:

    Have you experienced any postpartum hair loss yet? I experienced it after
    both of my pregnancies around when my babies were 4months. Thankfully my
    hair eventually grew back but having these products to help speed the
    growth would have been nice. The ingredients are amazing! I’m definitely
    going to give these products a try. :) 

  3. skitzmadpaige says:

    expect hair loss. I was told that its really not hair loss its just the
    hair that didn’t fall out the 9 months while you were pregnant. because
    during those months your head shed less and thats why it seems like it
    falls out 6 weeks after you give birth. its normal. and it will grow back
    faster and thicker after a few months 

  4. Naiade33 says:

    Thanks for the video. Will try and ordre hopefully they deliver on the uk.
    Could you pls let me know the title of the music, too nice:)

  5. denise layer says:

    Try using Shea Moisture by Sundial brands…….they have a hair and skin
    line that’s miraculous!! My hair was falling out and had a small bald spot
    …. After using their hair products my hair no longer falls out and is so
    healthy! And as for skin…..took away fine lines on my forehead …amazing

  6. Emilly Desa says:

    My husband has been using ” arganl ife. products ” for about 3 months
    now, along with the organic arganl ife. argan oil and we have noticed that
    where there was no hair at all, there is now quite a lot of new hair
    growing. this is not for someone who wants to see instant results – it does
    take a while before you will notice a difference. 

  7. Sarah Nowak says:

    Love your videos. I have very fine, fragile hair that is extremely prone to
    damage. I can’t wait to try these products.

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