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  1. Sheree Morgan says:

    Sweetie, I will buy the Shea Moisture JBCO, and the raw shea lotion from
    you. I love them both. I love your videos, let me know, if you are

  2. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    I’m so happy to see someone with the courage to say I DON’T LIKE SHEA
    MOISTURE POO! I’ve repurchased that line every time I see one of my
    favorite YT use that line, only to be disappointed! I gave the old and new
    line away! :-) You look lovely as always. Again thanks for the video!

  3. DiscoveringNatural says:

    Instead of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, try the SheaMoisture Curl and Style
    Milk. My daughter, Lil Sis’s hair does the same thing as you described.

  4. prettyinpink9893 says:

    My hair ia low porosity and very protein sensitive which is why that JBCO
    shea moisture liine did not work at al for me either! My hair was so hard
    and brittle!! The first 3 or 4 of that line is striaght protein. I don’t
    like the curl enhancing smoothie either because it has too much glycerin. 

  5. ItsCinna Me says:

    I’m with you on all of those except the smoothie! I love that one but all
    the others are no goes for me too!!! The JBCO line is a serious no go! LOL
    You look beautiful in this video! :)

  6. MsMelDC says:

    You might be protein sensitive or already have enough protein in your hair.
    The Shea Moisture JBCO line has a lot of protein in the shampoo and
    conditioner. The Curling Enhancing Smoothie has coconut oil as a base which
    maintains your protein levels and the Tresemme probably doesn’t moisturize
    your already strengthened hair enough. Try pure moisture products or look
    at the ingredients on what you really like and compare.

  7. withlovejea says:

    Tresemme changed the formula?!? I honestly can’t find it in stores anywhere
    so I’ve been going without. Does anyone know what’s changed or where I can
    find out?? That was my holy grail

  8. LISA JOHNSON says:

    Wow! I have tried All the Products from Shea Moisture. The ONLY one I use
    is The Raw Shea Butter “Restorative Conditioner” which I mix with Olive Oil
    as a Leave in.

  9. Adriana Dalhia says:

    Wow Im glad you made a video with this perspective! I thought I was
    delusional about the curl enhancing smoothie…. Same with the tresume
    conditioner… thank you so much! Do you have a regimen video? What are you
    planning on doing with the products? You should do a give away! I know some
    people would really like having some of those products :) I know I wouldn’t
    mind that castor oil line lol 

  10. Ebony Red says:

    We sound like hair twins. Shea Moisture products do not work for me. Too
    much protein and coconut oil as a base. The JBCO leave-in is probably the
    worst product I’ve ever used to date. Smells horrible and leaves a sticky
    residue. As I’ve learned, stick to products that are moisture based and
    avoid protein, especially if it’s high up on the ingredient list.

  11. Tiffany McMorris-Dawes says:

    OMG…..share them with me, the TRESemmé, the enhancing smoothie, Jamaican
    black castor oil…anyone. Girl I love tresemme….it works so well with my
    hair. Anyway with that said, I really love your makeup, that lip colours
    suits you very well.

  12. tlwynn2013 says:

    I use the Curl smoothie from Shea moisture and Tresseme and your right I
    think the Tresseme is causing my hair to shed and the Curl smoothie is just
    to thick now I have to find something new to use. 

  13. AshasMom says:

    I love the Shea Moisture detangler, but find that I have to use it very
    sparingly or it does make my hair sticky. It’s definitely a product where a
    little goes a long way. Also, have u tried the SM Manuka Honey line. I’ve
    heard good things about it and I’m curious as to whether you’ve tried it.
    Also, love that lip color! Thanks for sharing!

  14. DAB NAILZ says:

    the curl enhancing smoothie is the devil. lololol. I dont like it at
    all!!!!! hair felt like i poured hot wax over my hair and it dried!!!! i do
    not like Shea moisture shampoos at all!!!! I only like their deep
    conditioner!!!!! The scent of JBC is intense!!!! shea moisture is a line
    thats either hit or miss i learned!!!!


    Great video!! Never did like the hair smoothie. And you are so right about
    the JBCO smelling like medicine, I thought it was just me. Reminds me of

  16. S Dunn says:

    It amazes me how products work so differently in everyone’s hair. My hair
    loves Shea Moisture- all of the lines! My hair does not like Cantu and the
    natural line of Cantu. My hair doesn’t like Giovanni direct leave in either
    but loves tressemme naturals and Trader Joes Tea Tree tingle. Interesting. 

  17. Tamtam Doll says:

    I have the shea moisture jbco line too and don’t like the shampoo. I do
    like the rest of the line and found that if I skip the shampoo everything
    else works well.

  18. LaShándanista says:

    Great video! My hair loves the JBCO line because I have color-treated
    damaged hair therefore I need the protein in it. I constantly used to buy
    products from the Coconut & Hibiscus and my hair hated them. My hair was
    not color treated so that could have a been a reason why my hair didn’t
    like that line and I probably didn’t need the protein treatments as much as
    I do now. It just so happened that I bought this line because I was looking
    for something to treat my color-treated hair. After i bought these products
    I decided to check for reviews. I didn’t know the JBCO line was all the
    rage! LOL!! It’s probably best to figure out what your hair needs are. If
    your hair isn’t over processed or damaged from color and heat, then this
    may not be the best product for your hair because of the protein in it. ;-)

  19. Soraya Miller says:

    Give Tresemme moisture rich a try enriched with Vitamin E. It works
    wonders and minimizes shedding/breakage tremendously. Try the trial size
    to test it out. I have 4c hair and it works wonders.

  20. WildChildNamaste says:

    The curl enhancing smoothie does smell wonderful and I love the ingredient
    list but it is impossible to work with with all of the flakes and whiteness
    that it leaves in my hair!! I have some and I will use it till it’s gone
    but it is really really hard to work with. I would suggest using it when
    you don’t have to show your hair like to moisturize underneath a wig!! Or
    put in before you do your hair in a protective style…But to wear your
    hair after using it omg it’s hard. All the left over whiteness and
    flakiness grrrrrr. WHYYYY maybe if it had more water ingredient or
    something to make it less thick! : )

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