21 thoughts on “Natural Hair Product Update 2015

  1. Andrea Willingham says:

    I finally tried a Garnier product, it is the damage eraser and man do I
    love it. It goes well with my regiment which is almost kind of like yours,
    other than I use Wen. You and I have similar hair.

    I also wanted to let you know that you’re a great inspiration when it comes
    to mental health. We as a people do not take it seriously, but I know from
    personal experience it is a VERY REAL issue. Please keep it up. Thanks

  2. Michelle Rodgers says:

    I love u! Yaaaasssss to the simple hair routine! I am working towards this!
    My hair thrives when I stick to a normal routine and the same products.
    Right now I am loving the HE hello hydration conditioner and trader joes
    tea tree tingle conditioner to detangle and cowash, the cantu deep
    treatment mask to deep condition, and then coconut oil, castor oil, cantu
    curl cream an shea moisture detangler (used as gel/styler) to set my
    twists. This has been my favorite cold weather combination because all the
    products are really thick and moisturizing. Thank you for sharing your

  3. debrak04 says:

    Dnt become a product junkie ppl it is unnecessary. I proved that…all u
    need is 1 good moisturizer good oils n water TRUST. Don’t waste your money
    it isn’t what you use in your hair that determines the health is HOW you
    treat your hair. Take my silly advice.

  4. Teri Butler says:

    I’ve also used that Triple protection by Garnier Fruitise. Love it! I used
    it as my conditioner. I’m going to try the damage eraser next. I also use
    the same Ecostyle gel as you. I sometimes use a flax seed gel called My
    gel, which I bought off a local young lady name Carmella Marie. She has
    made some nice natural products. She’s on YouTube. It would take 2 videos
    to tell you all the products I have used. lol I’m always switching. So, I’m
    happy to hear that you stick with the same products. It doesn’t help that I
    work at a beauty supply store. I love your hair! Keep up the good work. 

  5. Emma Thomas says:

    your hair is beautiful. If I ever had a hair crush it is you. The weather
    dance just seemed to enhance. Congrats to you on the blog and bringing the
    issue of mental health to the masses.

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