25 thoughts on “Natural Hair | My Favourite Hair Products of 2014

  1. naturally_glam says:

    my 2015 hair goals are to 1) stop cutting my hair! lol! my hair is about
    4-5 inches shorter than it was in April of 2014, smh. 2) to moisturize my
    ends better.

  2. Wilda Mondestin says:

    My hair goals for this year are: retain my length, reach APL at least, more
    low manipulation/ protective styling

  3. Lelda Jordan says:

    Hair goal: To be waist length by the summer.
    Goal for this year. To eat 100% vegan. it’s gonna be hard giving up
    parmesan cheese lol

  4. willandjaye says:

    Hair Goal: Get the front of my hair to shoulder length (when wearing a wash
    and go)
    Life Goal: Transition to vegetarian
    By the way, I’m a new subscriber and I loved this video!

  5. petitbateau75 says:

    Ciao come stai bella ragazza!! thank u for this vid, me too i purchase
    online cause in Italy no products around exept for oil etc.. that you can
    find in the exotic groceries like Idian, Cinese; or caribeen ;-) love your
    hair , i use a lot of coconut oil!and some products from shea
    moisture..More vids please!! un abbraccio!


    Subscriber! I’m in!
    Good video. Great information.
    I will revisit the kinky curly gel and try shea moisture again. Keep making
    videos. You have inspired me.

  7. Sharlynn Johnson says:

    I just love your videos so informative!! This will be the first year for me
    going natural (wash and go) I’ve been without a perm going on 5yrs! I’m
    excited yet scared all at the same time, I’m glad to see I’m on the right
    track, half of my product are the same as yours!! I may have missed it but
    what do you us to define your curls???

  8. Briani Penijn says:

    So glad I found your channel. I saw a couple of your videos a while back
    and I couldn’t remember the name of your channel. But I’m so relieved that
    I found it again, I love your personality and your hair, your subtle
    confidence and how humble you are. BTW do you have a specific DC routine?
    If so could you make a video about that….

  9. shawnette marie says:

    We use a lot of the same products, except for the almond oil, gotta try
    some of that, I’ve heard only good things about it :) I’m gonna “speak” my
    hair goals into fruition, lol! I’m going for shoulder to armpit length
    curly, waist length stretched and I am almost there! I’ve been on a length
    retention/healthy hair/health living journey for a little over 3 yrs.
    (4yrs.come November) Thank goodness I finally got the health part down
    ’cause who wants scraggly curls & an unfit body and mind? Good luck with
    your goals! I’m a subbie, so I’ll be watching your vids :) Keeping my
    fingers crossed as I work my way towards that last inch to my goal!!! :)

  10. Maria Angela Sanchez Santillan says:

    I straightened my hair in December 2014, but not is terrible damaged I
    cannot believe how it remains waivy and not curly, some parts are even kind
    of straight, what would you recommend me to do? Thanks I love your channel

  11. Dalanda Jalloh says:

    You should try the shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil deep
    conditioner. It really gets the job done and it’s all natural.

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