24 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR | BACK TO THE BASICS part three (essential/staple products)

  1. Krystal Cenac says:

    ELokin- She said HER staple product and what SHE FEELS would work. It may
    or may not work for everyone but im sure everyone knows that what works for
    one doesnt work for all. But thanks for this video because I just asked
    about your staple products. Question: When I did my BC I used A LOT of
    products you have introduced as a staple product but some just dont work
    for me now. Did you see a difference in the affect that a product had on
    your then to now?

  2. SassyYaz Eubanks says:

    I just started a Baltimore Naturals page on Facebook is okay for me to
    upload your videos for my views to watch to get informed….the credit will
    be all yours

  3. leticia tish says:

    I’m glad to be watching your series. I’m having a hard time being natural
    beause I’m experiencing breakage, and I haven’t seen growth in my hair. It
    makes me wanna give up being natural. You;re helping me so far

  4. Chantay Dav says:

    Love it! You keep me so informed. I was back and forth in whether I should
    use Shea Moisture Products. I love Cantu conditioner I used to use it
    often. Im having breakage and needed a proper shampoo and conditioner.
    Thank you for your video!

  5. M.A. Logan says:

    Just an FYI, if you have fine hair- STAY SMOOTH away; from Shea Moisture
    products. I loved black owned and I’ve tried SO HARD to support them but
    for fine hair,this is not your friend. 

  6. kate azu says:

    This is a good video, but people need to understand that the basics for
    hair: shampoo, conditioner, oil and water. That’s it! Also I don’t know if
    she has done the research needed to make some of the statements she has
    made. You do not NEED aloe vera juice, shea butter, a leave-in. 

  7. Sonia Wilson says:

    You said you wash your hair once a month but how often do you co wash it. I
    recently transitioned and I’m in desperate need for some instructions.

  8. Simone Johnson says:

    I so wish you did this before I BC. I didn’t plan on it but after post
    pregnancy shedding I took regular scissors and chopped. 

  9. dana stewart says:

    I know you say cantu shea butter is one of your favorites I thought at one
    point it was mine too until I discovered it had Hydrolyzed collagen in it
    aka gelatine aka animal fat. I wasn’t looking for that particular
    ingredient I was really looking for why it was drying out my hair which I
    found that it’s alcohol and that was another reason why I stopped using
    it…I’m not saying it’s bad to use it, I’m not saying you should stop you
    know to each is own and everyone has their own preference, I will however
    take your advice and lool into using the shea moisture it seems like a
    really good product


  10. Mahogany Taylor says:

    So I really want to transition instead of big chop but my beautician said
    that if I don’t know how to take care of “transitioned” hair then I should
    stick with full sew ins without the leave out. But I can’t afford to get
    weave and a lace closure all of the time so my question is after I take my
    2-3 month old weave out, my natural hair being texturized how can I take
    care of that without breakage??

  11. Ceras says:

    Arganl ife. shampoo works really well. It nourishes the hair, adds texture
    and leaves with pleasant aroma. The best thing is you do not need to use
    much to feel the softness immediately.

  12. Thomas says:

    I had very processed dry hair, bleach my roots and tone every 6 weeks,
    ever since ı started using this argan life shampoo, around 6 months ago, I
    no longer need to put oil in my hair when ı get out of the shower. The
    shampoo alone leaves my hair softer than my whole regime used to.

  13. aisatou diallo says:

    How many times a month can you co wash and how long after you already
    shampooed and condition your hair can you co wash?

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