25 thoughts on “Natural Hair 101…My Staple Hair Care Products

  1. Robin Josey says:

    I use tea tree for flaking. It works really well. I mix all my oils and add
    them to purified water. Helps me save space. And works wonders.

  2. Robin Josey says:

    Girl, TRES EMME natural conditioner. That stuff is the truth. Detangling is
    a breeze. Eden body works moisturizing styling cream and their souffle as
    well as their leave in. About to do my staples video. I’m inspired

  3. SmoochesMUAby Lisa says:

    Thanks for watching. I surely need to downsize on those I swapped out of my
    routine. I have way too much stuff. Lol

  4. AskVivi 1 says:

    Great video! have you used argan oil by pro naturals? It’s sulfate free and
    silicone free so it’s super for natural hair.


    Coconut oil works like magic! Have experienced amazing health benefits,
    everything from healthier hair to skin and it is best on acne prone skin
    and getting rid of acne. I order mine on Amazon and get it in 2 days from
    this health company.Visit: “elitegoldsolutions(dot)com/coconutcapsules”

  6. SmoochesMUAby Lisa says:

    Thank u sooo much for subbing…I will check u out now… ;-) Sorry it took
    so long for a response. YT flagged your comment as spam

  7. LeAndrea Johnson says:

    Breast Cancer has definitely hit close to home for me. I’ve love too many
    beautiful women around me to the disease but its so encouraging to hear
    that your mom is blessed and doing ok. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. emily monteiro says:

    BIG tip for hair care: WATER INTAKE. believe it or not the amount of water
    you take IN can have a MAJOR effect of your hair health. I usually drink
    about 8-9 cups DAILY. Also OVER using products can have a very big effect
    om hair. Im ethopian and Iranian but I have HUGE curly hair and alot of
    times people ask what I use and are so shocked when I dont go on a rant of
    a big list. Ive been using BABY products on my curls since I was a baby lol
    and only use rose and olive oil on my hair. A LITLE DOES GO A LONG WAY when
    it comes to hair

  9. Lawanda Trice says:

    Amen beautiful. Love the video and the products. Im a pj too and it’s
    definitely ok. Muahhh :-) new subbie

  10. Lawanda Trice says:

    Amen beautiful. Love the video and the products. Im a pj too and it’s
    definitely ok. Muahhh :-) new subbie

  11. MissBeautyBabe XO says:

    One of the natural hair products I use is a miss Jessie’s product called
    jelly soft curls when I do flat twists . you should really try it and your
    video was great please do more in the future .

  12. Martin Hewsa says:

    I had very processed dry hair, bleach my roots and tone every 6 weeks,
    ever since ı started using this argan life shampoo, around 6 months ago, I
    no longer need to put oil in my hair when ı get out of the shower. The
    shampoo alone leaves my hair softer than my whole regime used to.

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