23 thoughts on “Natural Glowing Makeup Look : Low End Products

  1. Melli O says:

    I would love to see a 50 Facts about me Video from you! Btw, you are
    absolutely gorgeous. Greetings from Germany! xxx

  2. Lovie Tabigne says:

    You are so gorgeous, pls post a tutorial for a Bridal look make up…Many
    Thanks…looking forward to see the vid.. :) :) :)

  3. Kiki Alepidou says:

    Great makeup as always…I would like to see a wedding makeup tutorial from
    you to get some ideas since my wedding day is coming very soon…Lots of
    love and kisses from Greece!!!!!!!!!

  4. Claire Jones says:

    You should do a a hair care/or hair dye video (if you do you own hair) i
    LOVE the colour! It goes really well with you top and makeup in this video
    :) or a Q&A video! love your videos you seem so genuine! xxx

  5. Hayley Pie says:

    Love your videos and your makeup just always looks flawless! Really want to
    try the Loreal powder as a bronzer but couldn’t find the shade Warm – is it
    W4 or W5? :) xxx

  6. LolaRage says:

    Yay I love this :D thanks for doing this! Request for some vlog videos so
    we can learn more about you Lauren!

  7. Alyssa FRatt says:

    Oooh I saw someone else suggest it too but I love What’s in My Bag videos.

    You are so flawless with and without makeup, I love your videos!!

  8. bre xchristine says:

    Hey found you on youtube just a few weeks ago and i am stoked! You are my
    woman crush wednesday on insta, you seem badass and sweet. You should do a
    video on where you like to shop. I had another idea too but i forgot, ill
    have to comment again later. My insta is @brexchristine so keep your eye
    out!! I might be commenting on there too! Oh you should do a question video
    because i have 1 question for you that i dont think you could make into one
    video, its kinda embarrassing i guess. My question is, well you are
    beautiful and wear makeup and have a badass style, i love to wear makeup
    but whenever i go anywhere it feels like everyone is stairing at me mostly
    men and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. I am sure people stare at
    you too but how do you deal with it, i dont think it is a confidance thing
    because i just feel paranoid like someones following me, and it makes me
    want to dress down when i go out.. but i would love to beable to dress and
    be me and presentable 100% of the time. Does this happen to you? How do you
    deal with it?

  9. Cristina Dumitru says:

    I wish i had more makeup you are so lucky!!i only have like 2 pallets and a
    few brushes.Beautiful look btw!!<3

  10. Cassandra Cardona says:

    You CRACK me up…..thanks for always being real. Love it. Hug they baby
    girl M for me from Florida USA. Ciao

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