1. Crafts & Glory says:

    So far I prefer the hair butter I make for my hair instead of what I have
    found on the market. Have you tried kinky curly gel, I think it’s flax gel?
    That stuff is like gold in a bottle but it’s too expensive…lol

  2. Beaut13nBrains ! says:

    Some of your staples I havent tried but I am sure they work wonderfully. I
    often use shea moisture or cantu products. I want to try the creme of
    nature line.

  3. AshasMom says:

    I’m a big PJ, but my staple product is the SM Curl and Style Milk. It so
    multipurpose and it softens my hair in between wash days. It’s a great
    moisturizer. I’ve also been falling in love with that SM 10 in 1 Superfruit
    DC. Leaves my hair feeling so soft! I heard recently that Creme of Nature
    had changed their Argan shampoo formula. Have you heard that? I think
    someone posted on one of the FB hair boards. Hopefully there’s no major
    difference. Thanks for sharing…I always enjoy your videos. Your hair
    looks awesome!

  4. Mary Jackson455 says:

    Hey I loved your video!!!!!! I am happy to be a subscriber! For your next
    video can you do a 3 strand braid on a white girls hair and what I mean is
    use a white girl as your model

  5. VNIKCO says:

    I just started using Design Essentials Natural curl enhancing mousse. It is
    the best. I also have the Design Essentials curl stretch cream. I love it
    so far. Maybe you should give it a try one day.

  6. MsHaitianRN says:

    I’m not usually a fan of cantu products, but their twist n lock gel… I
    can’t go without it! I get the most moisturized n defined twist outs with

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