25 thoughts on “My New Favorite Natural Products!

  1. Laura Catherine says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your faves with us! I am always so happy when a
    friend or family member makes the switch to healthier, more eco-friendly
    options. Love your channel! 

  2. samantha hemingway says:

    Thank God for this video, I was waiting and waiting for Megan to review
    some products and she did! Happy days!

  3. ShadowSarah says:

    Does the shower filter noticeably affect your water pressure at all? I
    bought a filter a while back, but I’ve been procrastinating its
    installation haha.

  4. A Rose says:

    I know you have done this before but a really comprehensive video on
    relocating to Hawaii would be useful. I have watched the previous videos
    where you give some information but a step by step as best you can would be

  5. daydemi says:

    Have you heard of/used Living Libations or the Morrocco Method? – I’m
    considering trying some hair care products from one or the other but am a
    littler nervous, as I’m sensitive to products similar to you so I’m just
    wondering if you’ve had any experience with either company. :) 

  6. Kimberly Noriette says:

    I wish everyone did a natural products video, sooooo helpful. By the way,
    your arms are looking bangin’ ^_^ 

  7. nowis time says:

    i always found the term pedal pushers so funny and also a bit confusing
    lol.. still don’t get why they are called that. Anyway, im trying to be
    vegan right now, have been for a few days, made up some smoothies and im
    doing the raw till 4 thing with potatoes for dinner. Ive been a watcher for
    a couple of years now, so about time i tried to make it happen. Lucas :)

  8. Ashley JJ Perry says:

    Girl have you looked into ASMR for sleep assistance? I was someone who
    would stir in my bed for hours and now I fall asleep within minutes. 

  9. Ann Curtis says:

    Loved this video, Megan! <3 (p.s. calendula (ke-len-joo-la) is marigold!
    It's really really great for healing and moisturizing the skin. I've been
    using it for a year now and love it!) xoxo 

  10. CJA32able says:

    I was reading all of the “information” on Tate’s (don’t know if it’s true
    or not) and was wondering how you felt about it….

  11. Juli Ane says:

    Of course I click like. :) Maybe you could make a recipe video in which you
    use a dehydrator. I know it is not a tool that a lot of people have but I
    got one for Christmas and I need some inspiration what I can use it for.
    Your kale chips recipe was really great and I will try it soon. But other
    than that most of the recipes I find are just loaded with fat.

  12. Jennifer Grey says:

    Thanks for the info on the shower filter. Been looking around for one for a
    while. Appreciate the recommendation! 

  13. jackie smith says:

    Great video! Thank you! I was wondering how much Bronners do you use when
    you wash your clothes? Do you need just a little per load?

  14. Garret The Vegan Targaryen says:

    I have been getting skin issues for a while but never thought it could be
    my shower!. I am definitely gonna buy these products! Thanks for the
    suggestions! :)

  15. hyylo says:

    i hope you do not mind if I state the following but Charlotte Gerson
    (Gerson Cancer and Health Institute) said the following about putting
    chemicals on the skin ‘if its not safe to consume then it is not safe to
    put on your skin’. 

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