25 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Products | 2013

  1. najmaj says:

    You hair looks pretty. We use a lot of the same products. I’ve always
    wanted to try the Terresentials Hair Wash. Maybe one day I’ll bite the

  2. downtoaT says:

    You’re beautiful! $4.98 for the Shea Moisture Milk?! That’s a great deal.
    I’d probably buy 5 at a time lol. Thanks for sharing the video. Please
    check out my channel when you get the chance :)

  3. Deborah Davis says:

    I’m getting so much info from you. Especially on pricing. I have to change
    up, beauty supply stores are way too expensive! Thanks for these tips.

  4. valentina shepard says:

    Hello tonya, I’m interested, in your videos. I see that you, said, that,
    you, dont, use alot, of protein, I would suggest, bentonite clay, or, ors
    hair ma yonnaise, every one to two months, just to keep your hair balanced,
    with all, the, moisturizing, your using on a daily, basis, team natural,
    happy hair journey. !!!!

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