1. BlabberPad says:

    GIRL The cholesterol! When my hair was relaxed my hair soaked it up and
    thrived! When I went natural I was like: no, my hair probably won’t like
    this. When I tried it my hair was soooo soft and buttery and retained
    moisture a lot better. It’s a really good product

  2. Juliana's TV says:

    Great video. You shared a lot of very useful info. I have similar hair to
    yours. The problem is not that it’s 4c, it’s that it’s 4c AND fine. I felt
    bad when my hair journey was not like other youtubers. It’s important to
    know that with that hair type you need to wash, braid then LEAVE IT ALONE.
    I’m not about that twist out life. But there aren’t enough people to tell
    you that and I ended up breaking my hair doing all of these hair journey
    tips etc. Anyway, what was the name of your hairdresser? Is it still
    honeyhand? I’d like to try them. Radiant salon are good too but their head
    stylist has a bit of an attitude. Other than that, they’re quite
    professional. No long waiting and no eating while doing your hair. 

  3. liza prideaux says:

    Fab video Hun, I love your hair! Can you do a video on your filming set up,
    it’s always so lovely and bright! X 

  4. Nareen says:

    Patricia do you ever worry about traction alopecia? And does it ever hurt
    having a weave? I remember watching a season of Americas Next Top Model and
    this girl got a weave and she was in so much pain, something to do with her
    braids. Everybody thought she was just complaining but turns out there was
    a legit problem and they cut out her weave. 

  5. ZigAndStuff says:

    Such a cool video, i actually found you on your old channel way back when,
    loved your videos ever since! i’m on a natural hair journey myself so lets
    see how it goes x

  6. exclusiveop says:

    Hopefully this means more hair videos/ weave tutorials! I actually found u
    thru your hair journey channel YEARS ago,lol,….so I miss the hair vids
    especially when your wear your cute deep side part w/ a closure. Kudos to u
    btw for doing what’s right for you! :)

    (Oh and your edges prolly grew back thicker b/c u spent less time trying to
    slick them back once u relaxed them.lol)

  7. Classie Cassy says:

    Haha patricia this look is so fun on you! Wish i was brave enough to try it

    I’d appreciate if anyone reading this could check out and subscribe to my
    channel! I’d be sure to sub back :)

  8. chellywuzhere636 says:

    I’m kind of terrified of getting constant weaves because of how it can
    weaken the edges. After seeing that photo of Naomi Campbell’s hairline I
    can’t have a weave for longer than 2 months out of the entire year. My
    hair’s pretty tough but I don’t think it can handle it.

  9. Marty_McFli says:

    OMG I’ve been watching Patricia for like 5 yrs now waiting and waiting for
    when she was gonna drop the secret to her hair but overtime i watch a hair
    I’m let down again sigh best keep secret on youtube

  10. Chardonnay Reynolds says:

    Hi Patricia! Question, I have a weave in now and I’m going to be washing my
    hair soon with the weave in still. Do you have a productive/faster way of
    drying your natural hair? I usually let my weave air dry since its curly
    but my natural hair seems to take longer to dry and I feel like my blow
    dryer might burn out if I just blow dry each track lol. +Patricia Bright 

  11. BlackBarbie101 says:

    So in actually struggling with my hair right now. I thought I was getting a
    trim because they said they were gonna cut off the long pieces only, but
    then they shaved my whole head, this happened 6 months ago and I currently
    have braids, wash and do hot oil treatment once a week, and I also take
    hair vitamins. Are there Any other tips to help?

  12. Canal do Henrie says:

    Cheers from Brazil!
    I was studying English in London and I was on the tube when two girls was
    talking about you and my first thought was “I NEED TO FIND THIS GIRL’S
    CHANNEL” and I’ve found! And thank God! I love your channel ❤️

  13. AndSoWeLaughed says:

    Can’t wait for you to sell your hair! Can’t wait for an AFFORDABLE and
    realistic BRITISH company. But obviously you’ve got to spend for quality.
    :D x

  14. yanci smiles says:

    do you know a way to make your new growth soft and long?

    i have them african hair and my new growth is naturally curly, but i want
    my hair thick and long, is their a way i can do that?

  15. NotSoLonelyInThisWorld says:

    Hey Patricia, HUGE fan and really enjoy spending my time watching all your
    videos when they come out!
    Was wondering if you could maybe show us how you sew in your tracks and the
    braid pattern you make – I’m hopeless and cornrowing my own hair…and I’m
    interested to see your technique for sewing since your extensions always
    lay so flat
    ALSO with the Crazy Color products: I’ve used them myself and also noticed
    you had to colour them a few times. In your video you mentioned wanting to
    bleach the hair again…DON’T! trust me the colours actually only show up
    better on a hue similar to it – if that makes sense. So the best thing I
    noticed, especially with the candy colour dyes, is mix it with conditioner
    until its pastel in tone (or darker, depending on your preference) and
    leave it for 2-3 hours or over night.

    Anyway, thanks for the upload and kinda taking us through your hair regime!
    a South Africa Fan

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