13 thoughts on “My Forever21 Haul Experience India – Online Shopping

  1. Deepika B says:

    This is so much fun :) Loved watching it and can clearly see the excitement
    on your face :) I miss writing for wiseshe… I hope I had more time.
    Happy to see this video though :) 

  2. maxshooter21 says:

    A lot of online shopping sites and price comparison sites are disappointing
    and fooling Indian buyers by showing glittering ads, low prices, free ka
    maal etc. There is no way that helps the buyer judge what product is right
    for them and why. I am glad to see that one site http://www.shopatgoodprice.com
    came with an Innovative idea of suggesting products based on users opinion
    gathered from online sources and its SMART BUYERS community of members. So
    far I trust http://www.shopatgoodprice.com when it comes to shop online in India.
    They recommend only the MOST APPRECIATED products and from only the
    trustworthy sellers online in India. They don’t sell anything instead they
    suggest which product is worth buying and from where in their search

    That’s not all, if they get complaint on any of the product in they
    immediately remove it from their list after reviewing the complaints,
    nature of complaints and number of complaints. They are truly the voice of
    SMART BUYERS of India and anybody can join them to express their opinions
    and suggestions. TOTALLY INDIA KE DIL KI AWAJ.

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