25 thoughts on “My Favorite Products For Natural Hair | Updated 2013

  1. JadedeaJade says:

    I don’t know if this is being ghetto or not, but I like to get the last
    drop out of all sorts of containers so I usually cut with scissors or a
    knife to scoop out the last bits of whatever is inside. Sometimes there’s
    enough liquid coated on the inside for 1 or two hair-washes, to lotion your
    body 3-4 times, or enough sauce to make another pasta. Thought I’d put that
    out there for everyone!!!!

  2. X Zezee says:

    I am over 60 years old my hair is natural. for the passed 6 years my
    mingled grey and black hair has been thinning please tell me how to care
    for it?

  3. Pascal Cho says:

    Real ACV should be unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw, must contains MOTHER. ;)
    Filtered ACV is any other same regular vinegar.

  4. LdyBnes says:

    ok, I got some shea butter, and when I melted/softened it, their were brown
    gritty balls in it.could this be dirt, or mold?

  5. sylvia zoe says:

    Can I get some help.. I’ve been natural for a year now and I havent seen
    any growth at all! I follow all the tips, no heat, moisturising, deep
    conditioning. Like I’ve no idea where I’m going worng and I’m so
    frustrarted. Please help

  6. Fatima Mangane says:

    Your hair and body oil is AMAZING it helped me get rid of slot of the
    eczema on my skin so thank you so very much

  7. Nejat Kedir says:

    hi Olivia’s mom thank you for sheering . could you tell me where found tea
    tree conditioner . i cant found a amazon .THANKS

  8. vorkev1 says:

    I no its a wast and not legal yet most of us have it but if you make water
    extract from weed and let you hair sit in it for a houre or so every day
    you make yu hair tangle let have more shine less dry and not as snarly and
    it also straightens it . but to do it it takes a lb to make enugg watter
    to last 4 days and yes you can redry it ad smoke it but you do not get that
    high of it after soaking it

  9. Stewart Fers says:

    I love Arganl ife. organic shampoo. My hair feels so silky and soft every
    time ı use it. I also don’t need to wash my hair as much ever since ı
    started using it. It’s nice to know in this world of chemicals that at
    least your hair is getting something natural! 

  10. Leila Cooper says:

    Hi how are you? I’ve been washing your videos but I’d like to know what
    kind of hair products you really use for your hair? Thank you

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