25 thoughts on “My favorite products for 4c natural hair

  1. Deslynne Roberts says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m a newbie to natural hair styles and right now my
    hair is dry. So- question. Is water necessary as part of a hair regime?

  2. Melissa Oneal says:

    Have you tried the bbs oil moisturizer… with castor oil?. My hair kinky
    hair loves that lotion.. 

  3. Jed Agw says:

    Love, love your channel jessica, also just want to share with you
    girls….. Pure coconut oil… exactly what dry 4C hair needs. mix in with
    your moisturizer and wow. made my hair really curly & detangles with ease.
    Mix it with your conditioner as well when co-washing and do a last rinse
    with just the coconut oil using warm water so it melts onto hair. Great for
    dry 4c hair… x

  4. Mahogany Belle says:

    How does your hair react to castor oil vs. jamaican black castor oil? Do
    you prefer one over the other? Also, does your hair tend to get very
    tangled at the roots after wetting/washing? If so, how do you prevent or
    manage it.

  5. Tee SoNatural says:

    I love SHea Moisture’s products too. Do you have the steamer you sit under
    or the one you hold in your hand? BTW your hair looks really healthy and
    your are so beautiful!

  6. Charnel Grey says:

    i found the same thing with the deep treatment masque. It still doesn’t
    allow my hair to feel as soft with the steamer but that bottle cost me an
    arm and a leg, i better finish it lol. How did you choose which castor oil
    to use in your hair? I recently started a castor oil challenge on my
    youtube page and my jamaican black castor oil is almost done and im
    thinking of buying a new bottle but im not sure if i should get the same
    brand. Whats your opinion? p.s. your videos are great! 

  7. Gisha Palmer says:

    Yes, mine was like dry straw when I gave up the braids and wore it styled.
    I was close to going back to braids but not ever perm. I started oil
    rinsing with olive oil and everything changed. I start out with Hello
    Hydration conditioner by Herbal Essence and let it sit for 30 minutes under
    a shower cap. I rinse it out while detangling. I then use Suave Shea butter
    and almond conditioner leaving it in for 2 minutes then rinse. I then use
    Aussie’s 3 minute moisture miracle and then rinse. I place olive oil on my
    hair after its dripped dry a bit. I then put Queen Helene’s Olive Oil deep
    conditioner on top of that. It comes in the jar like the Cholesterol and
    Mayo treatments. I place a cap on and ten minutes later rinse with warm
    water. I immediately spray my edges first then part my hair and spray with
    Infusium 23 leave in conditioner. My hair is so shiny and healthy. I tried
    Jojoba deep conditioner and it made my hair hard as burnt plastic when i
    first started in May. I am under the dryer now after retrying it today. It
    worked well. So yep, retrying does pay off. I did put olive oil on first
    then the Jojoba a plastic cap and then under the dryer for 15 minutes. I’m
    nursing a flat twist with flexible rods soo we shall see. It’s people like
    you with your info that helped me stick in there and find what works for my
    4C haor. Thank you. I hope what I wrote here helps someone else struggling
    with dry hay hair as I experienced. I’m new you’ll. I just discovered
    curling cremes last week, lol!

  8. Kylasbibi says:

    Good video. I’m going to try the SM products again that I have in my stash.
    Tried the earlier in my journey and didn’t like, but you have given me the
    idea to try again. Thanks

  9. Moriah Jones says:

    I have been natural for some years now, I made the mistake of letting
    someone put a texturizer in my hair and afterwards flat ironing my hair. My
    hair was damaged very badly , it wouldn’t curl back up after washing it.
    Its been some months and now my hair is growing back out i’m in the process
    of going back natural ,,, any tips on what I should be doing…

  10. Naturalista_SA says:

    I recently discovered that I am allergic to coconut oil and shea butter. I
    have 4c hair and yes….the struggle is REAL. Our hair texture is almost
    identical (including length and thicknes). Do you have any reccomendations
    for products (twist moisterizers/butter/curl cream/leave-in
    conditioners) without the two ingredients mentioned? 

  11. jade0720 says:

    You ain’t lying!! The STRUGGLE is real!!! I been natural since 2007, and
    just now really started caring how to figure out why my hair is soo freakin
    dry!!! Great Video!! I must subscribe to you!!! 

  12. None Ya Damn Business. says:

    YOU’RE WEARING!!!! I’m writing in caps to convey the urgency of this

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