25 thoughts on “My Favorite Natural Hair Products + Giveaway

  1. Tasha Johnson says:

    #LiveInLoveWithYou I live for my 2 beautiful kids…I’m a wonderful wife
    and I’m in love with myself I’ve learn to love myself no matter wat through
    all flaws….every since I went natural I learn that wat others think and
    say doesn’t matter. I was so insecure about myself but now I embrace my
    flaws and love self through it all #LiveInLoveWithYou 

  2. Lilly Park says:

    I knew you were gonna say creme of nature. I just used both the shampoo and
    conditioner. I fell in love. LADIES IT IS A MUST TRY! !!

  3. 123leahm says:

    Love this vid!!!!!!!!!!!! The lighting, the candles and plants in the
    background, your labeled glass containers…and of course your hair is
    gorgeous as usual:) Thanks for the product suggestions…headed over to

  4. jazzy lay says:

    Great video. …im praying that i will be a lucky winner because ur honesty
    my favorites ur awsome… make mor3 tutorial please love…

  5. Rep Jesus says:

    hello!!!! Well I #LiveInLoveWithYou by loving The Lord, my husband and our
    children. I am able to take care of my hair to teach my children to love
    who God made them naturally:) I am a stay at home mom of 3 and 1 on the
    way. Many people don’t understand that this is a real job. I am making sure
    that I don’t wear “mom jeans” and throw on a little makeup from time to
    time and always take care of my hair to not make my lifestyle as a SAHM
    look like the struggle is real! lol I love my natural hair and I love
    myself by all the things I have just mentioned:) #LiveInLoveWithYou

  6. Maggie A says:

    I’m in love with the whole Shea Moisture JBCO line <3 Its too good to my
    hair lol. Love your lipstick btw! What are you wearing?

  7. Gerv san says:

    #liveinlovewithyou. I live in love with my self by staying true to myself.
    I take care of my body and try to make the best nutritional
    choices. I love deeply and when a situation or person appears to bring
    negativity, I love myself enough to stir away. Everyday I look I the mirror
    and love the imperfection that I see, that is how I live in love with

  8. NappyDanny says:

    Can I just say your hair was on point in this video!!! That’s all I could
    stare at along with your beautiful smile!! Have to try those oils!

  9. Letitia Shallonda says:

    #liveinlovewithyou I will start to appreciate what I see in the mirror & if
    there’s something I don’t like I’ll work on changing it instead of living
    in misery.

    P.S. I see you growing & I’m proud of you & happy for you☺

  10. NaturallyBlessedOla says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! YES ! I have been wanted you to do a video like this,
    because I need a new hair regimen and products that can work for me because
    my hair has a dryness thats real, hopefully this can help me combat that
    dry hair ! Thanks hun really appreciate all your videos! <3

  11. S Dunn says:

    No winner for YouTube? It’s ok because I love your videos and my
    “relaxation” I give to myself is watching YouTube videos. Love your channel
    and your hair. Please keep up the good work. 

  12. Nakya Leoné says:

    Great video, love! REALLY informative…I’ve been natural for two years and
    still in search for what my hair loves and this was perfect. Trying
    something new this year and these products seem like a great start for my
    4b/c type hair. Looking forward to seeing a Wash Day video :)

  13. Nthabiseng Dlamini says:

    #Live&Lovewithyou. I live for your videos! You promised to do a bantu knot
    tutorial since your three year anniversary vid, and ive been crossing my
    fingers since. Now that we have crossed over to 2015 I live and would love
    to see the tutorial soon please

  14. HealthyRichness says:

    #liveinlovewithyou I saw your journey video awhile back and it really hit
    home. I always believed that if you give as much as you can you will live a
    fulfilling life and after years of putting others before myself. I have
    realived that giving is wonderful, but you should never give so much that
    you have nothing left for yourself. It was a hard lesson to learn and I had
    to live through many difficult situations where I found very few people
    that would be willing to help me. I have started reading more motivational
    books, and listening to audio books. Im learning to love myself and accept
    myself and learning that its ok to put yourself first sometimes. Thank you
    for sharing your journey.

  15. TheWitekFamily says:

    Unfortunately in this instance, one of the ways I Live in Love with Me is
    by limiting my engagement on social media! Yes, I’m the one person in the
    world who does not own a television or use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
    I like to keep life as simple as possible. As a wife and homeschooling
    mom of 5, email, a blog, and YouTube are all I can handle in addition to
    the good care of myself and my family. So sorry to miss out on your
    wonderful product giveaway but so glad I found your channel! You are
    officially my favorite natural hair YouTube– love your style! Do consider
    a giveaway right here on YouTube sometime!

  16. Alana Green says:

    Hiya!!! First off, I #LiveInLoveWithYou is because I’m my own individual, I
    can’t make myself in what I’m not, I’m human!! I love that I’m creative,
    easy-going, free-spirited, as well as helping others, when their not in
    able! I go to school, I go to an Academy for most of my classes, and I love
    showing my talents to others, such as writing! In my near future, I would
    love to either be an Fashion Stylist, to help other build confidence about
    themselves! I love myself because I can only be me for me, and not impress
    myself for anyone else… God himself made me who I am, and there’s no
    changing that!! I give some of my older friends and family advice of how
    they should react to a situation in a different prospective… So really I
    love myself because I can bring a smile to others, as well as bring
    happiness in my life! #LiveInLoveWithYou!!! 

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