19 thoughts on “My Favorite Natural Hair Products (2015)

  1. Paulena White says:

    You look so beautiful love the hair too. I’m almost 3 months natural and
    having a bit of a hard time finding what works for my hair so u def gave me
    some ideas to b looking out for. Great video. One year natural wow that’s

  2. NeickhaSuPRA says:

    I first used that deep conditioner when I was a kid and my hair was permed.
    Now that im natural I still uss it because its affordable and gets the job

  3. SweetTee says:

    I love your channel you make me want to wear my hair a lot more… I was
    waiting for it to get longer but u definitely showed me u can rock it short
    Plz do a video on how to start a YouTube channel plzzz :)

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