25 thoughts on “My Favorite Natural Hair and Beauty Products

  1. reallyme02 says:

    I am new to your channel (where have I been right?). I love your makeup. It
    is very natural looking. You have such a fun personality.
    Now I have to play catch up with all th your videos.

  2. Simone Allen says:

    Hi love the video, honest to goodness I love the Knot on My Watch
    De-tangler. I bought the product back in October when I started following
    your channel and used it in combination with some Cantu Shea Butter to
    twist out my hair. For my first try it was okay but it did not have this
    type of definition as in your video. I am 1 yr and any tips you may have
    would be wonderful. Thanks :)

  3. stilgotitafter574 says:

    Aunt Jackie’s products are only $5.00 at Dollar General..I bought the whole
    product line for 20.00 which consist of sulfate and paraben free shampoo,
    moisturizing and softening conditioner, Knot on my watch detangler, and
    curl custard. I only use them if I am going for a certain look- the
    products work better than I thought because I was really skeptical at

  4. Terrie Pitre says:

    Love your videos……Thank you guys so much for sharing. I had been
    transitioning since June 2013, at this point I must say I was expecting to
    have a lot more growth than I have sooooo I got frustrated and cut off my
    relaxed ends myself…lol!!!
    then I wasn’t able to reach my stylist. (screaming) what have done!!!
    any way she finally evened it all out and it’s looking crazy. so today I am
    for the twist and curl….hoping it comes out great. :)

  5. Christine Moon says:

    Hi, my name is christine, i just the process of going natural and I find
    that my hair can get dry but I have an nut allergy and I find that a lot of
    the natural moisturizers have nut oils in them. Do you know of any products
    that I could use? 

  6. NnekaNoodle says:

    Does anyone know if I can buy that detangling brush somewhere? Or did the
    friend she mention make it??? I reeeaaalllllyyyyyyyyyy like it Lol

  7. Francis says:

    I developed a sensitivity to various chemicals that are found in most
    shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc, so ı tried argan life shampoo and
    conditioner and it’s great! It doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I love the
    smell of it

  8. Leslie Daniels says:

    Hi India. Are there any known issues with Luvocracy? I attempted to sign up
    as well as link with FB, but no go. I would love to find your fave products
    in one location. Thanks.

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