25 thoughts on “My Favorite Korean Online Shopping Malls

  1. Zhou Louise says:

    Ye! I m the first, the only Korean website I shop from is StyleNanda, have
    u checked it before? Do u like it? Btw the baseball tee is cute :-)

  2. Rachel's Beauty Talk says:

    Thanks for letting me know about bullang (: Always on a hunt for korean
    fashion sites! ^^ Love the helpful video sis & your lip color <333 

  3. Jennifer Guo says:

    Finally! Thank you so much for uploading this video! Although i live in the
    U.S, i can still look at the fashion trends in Korea! Komao^^

  4. Maya Wonderholic says:

    Etude house actually got an official eBay shop that ships internationally
    :) they opened it somewhen around the middle of this year, I believe. So if
    your subscribers wanna get something from etude they should search for the
    shop on eBay

  5. punniechan says:

    there are a lot of showrooms that sell korean make up and skin care
    products on my country. But they’re more expensive than the products sold
    in Korea :(

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