24 thoughts on “My Favorite Current Natural Hair Products (UNEDITED)| Shlinda1 | Shlinda1

  1. bevtwins101 says:

    I have really been enjoying the shea moisture products to.. at first not so
    much but now that’s all I use they have really stepped it up. I have really
    been seeing a difference in my hair so soft and easy to detangle..love it

  2. AN P says:

    I couldn’t see the vitamins at all. This white background is a no no for
    my eyes. Lol. I must check out the Shea Moisture though! :-)

  3. courtnay b says:

    Can you do a video on how you do protective styling like under your wigs or
    stuff? and Wal-Mart carrys the bigger family sizes for about 13 dollars ,
    there usally in the skin care isle. In shea moisture

  4. modelchickny says:

    What’s the name of the hair vitamin again and where can I purchase them? I
    could not understand when you said the name of the product even after I
    reviewed the video a few times, lol and I could not see the name on the
    bottle due to the light background. Love Shea Moisture producers. Thanks!

  5. Stephanie Sawney says:

    regenapure essential hair vitamins. something like that. I had to play the
    video about 3 times before I Google what I thought I heard. hope this helps

  6. LipstickLuvAffair says:

    I recently purchased the deep treatment masque and didn’t really like it.
    If you find any other way to use this please share. 

  7. Angel Thomas says:

    Hello everybody for those that like or love the shea moisture line ulta is
    having a BOGO sale…i always enjoy your videos 

  8. Maryyyyyyyyy says:

    Hey shlinda love your videos as always. Did you know that shea moisture
    came out with a new line which is called fruit fusion coconut water.i heard
    this is everything. Unfortunately i cant buy it cause im in france hope u
    will do a review on it soon

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