MUST HAVE CHEAP “Natural Hair” Products Under $5 | Affordable Natural Haircare

22 thoughts on “MUST HAVE CHEAP “Natural Hair” Products Under $5 | Affordable Natural Haircare

  1. MyThriftedCloset says:

    Hey boos! If you are looking for inexpensive natural hair products, I’ve
    got you covered. The best part is that all of these products are UNDER $5.
    Yes, $5!!! Natural hair doesn’t have to break the bank so check out this
    video if you want to save a few coins.

  2. marvinandjosh1 says:

    Some of my favorite products under 5 bucks: EVOO (oil), the Suave Almond
    and Shea Butter line is also pretty good (shampoo/conditioner), Aussie’s 3
    minute miracle (DC), EcoStyler Gel and TRESeme Naturals
    conditioner (leave-in). I tried to think of something for each category!
    Great video and love your hair!

  3. Naturally Speaking says:

    Girlfriend you went waaaaayback ! I was ready for you to bring out the
    carefee curl! Great buys for under $5.00. Your hair is gorgeous! Tfs

  4. tenekqua1 says:

    Great video. That VO5 Tea Therapy is HG detangler and pre poo for me with
    coconut oil. I love that stuff. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Ty Crable says:

    I seriously need to get on the Vo5 and curl activator bus. I haven’t tried
    those yet. Idk what’s wrong with me.

  6. Wannella Lawson says:

    Thank you Thank you. I dont have anything against people buying expensive
    hair products but I am on a budget. We need to see more videos lk this one.
    Please do another video. Thank you again

  7. leah morgan says:

    love your channel and your videos , can you please upload a video on how to
    apply half wigs and how you take care of your hair underneath the wigs I
    would really like that thanks !

  8. MsUniquelyDesigned says:

    Okay so you definitely shows a product that I may try expecially since I
    don’t like spending a lot of money on shampoos and conditioners but I love
    to get great quality products so thank you

  9. ponycoko says:

    Garlic shampoo and conditioner from local beauty supply, motions
    moisturizer cream hair dress. Africa’s best oil. :-)

  10. Charisse L says:

    That VO5 is the truth, wetline extreme gel, & I’m pretty sure the Aussie
    Moist conditioner is under $5

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