25 thoughts on “Korean Online Shopping Haul

  1. berriiBliss says:

    @Elaynetong my boyfriend IS Korean and he said she looks Chinese. Why can’t
    a Chinese be pretty? Chouchou is beautiful as she is.

  2. xinspiration says:

    Those shorts don’t look like they’re high waist, more like mid-rise to me.
    o.O I really like your haul though. Love the style

  3. j3nnifer2011 says:

    Have you shopped at coco fashion?? I want to buy from there but there arent
    any reviews on youtube!!! The clothes is 3-10$ and there korean brands and
    its wholesale. Shipping is like 40 for 13 pieces. They have super nice
    clothes. Can you do a review!? Please!

  4. ExploreShinbee says:

    Hi! I was trying to log in in zipia!!
    But when i was registrating and it was asking for the company .. What is
    that mean?

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